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Issue #3.01 (#5):  Getting Into Drupal

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What's a Drupal? Learn all about it.

Drupal Watchdog 3.01 (#5) - Print Issue

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Caffeinated Drupal
To accompany his first column in the Drupal performance series -- Content Delivery Networks -- Jeff recommends an Ethiopian Sidamo, served as a cappuccino. Drink up.

The Farmischt Freelancer
In this installment, our Farmischt Freelancer tracks down the source of errant text on a Drupal website and promptly exiles it to mishigas purgatory.

The Angry Themer
Presto! With a few easy-to-master magic tricks, the clutter of irritating CSS classes that you wish would go away and die...goes away and dies.

Testing, Testing, One... Two... Three...
In her inaugural DW column, Melissa simplifies the daunting first steps for incorporating functional testing and Behavior Driven Development in the creation and maintenance of Drupal sites.

Doug applies aesthetic brushstrokes and cool sculpting tools to transform common Drupal PHP mistakes and merely-acceptable design patterns into Drupl’Art. Voilà.

Drupal in Context
Downloading Drupal is easy; but then what? Tom explores the Drupal knowledge gap and tells you where to get the answers you need.

A Short History of Drupal Distributions
Drupal creator and project lead, Dries tells the fascinating story of Drupal distributions — from their origins in the 2004 Howard Dean presidential campaign — and explains why distributions matter.

Creating a Drupal 7 Distribution
How to craft your own custom distribution — in this case one that could serve as a starting point for building new web sites. And while you’re at it, why not share it with the Drupal community?

Cooking Up Sites With Open Outreach
Chef Rosemary starts with simple ingredients and whips up a smorgasbord of easy recipes, perfectly suited for hungry nonprofit websites.

Get Started Fast with Online Drupal Platforms
Online Drupal platforms offer plenty of great options to help both beginners and experienced developers get up and running effortlessly.

RedHen: A Drupal CRM System
Enterprise-level software for dedicated customer relationship management is being supplanted or supplemented by CRM- capable websites; an overview of this native Drupal answer to CiviCRM.

Drush: The Swiss Army Knife for Drupal
Whether you’re a MacGyver or a MacGruber, Drush (DRUpal + SHell) may be your perfect, handy-dandy, all- purpose tool. Part 1.

Views Rewrites
Although Views (soon to be merged into Drupal 8) will perform myriad tasks — like relating data to other data, sorting, filtering, etc. — it can also rewrite fields.

Finding a Great Drupal Shop
Insider tips on locating the most experienced and collaborative Drupal contractors and companies -- with the chops to build your dream website.

Drupal in Layman’s Terms
Downloading Drupal is easy; but then what? Tom explores the Drupal knowledge gap and tells you where to get the answers you need.

Object Oriented Programming 101
A complete study of object- oriented programming would fill this magazine; Larry gives us a firm grounding in the concepts and syntax of OOP in just a few pages.

Componentized Drupal
What does the adoption of third-party PHP code mean for Drupal 8? As release day nears, even newbies can try it out, test it, and report bugs.

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