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Issue #4.01 (#7):  Drupal 8

In this issue: Drupal 8 is everything you've been waiting for. Learn all about it in this double-size issue.

Drupal Watchdog 4.01 (#7) - Print Issue

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Drupal in Context
In the rup-up to Drupal 8, Tom Geller examines Drupal's audience and how to broaden it.

Baby Steps
Leaving the crib.

Caffeinated Drupal
Hosting on virtual hardware.

Testing 1 2 3
Maximize your success rate, minimize the rest.

The Angry Themer
Find the handle on .css files.

The Farmischt Freelancer
Lessons gleaned from the Atlanta snow-jam for those facing the coming of Drupal 8.

Familiarity breeds ease-of-use.

39 Minutes and It's Free
Open bar: Half a happy hour for testing.

Contributing to Open Source Projects
Give, and ye shall receive. Maybe even more so.

We're Building a Drupal Job Board
Soon: a smoother system for matching job-seekers with employers.

Different, Not Difficult
Building Drupal 8 performance; a year in the life.

Drush: The Swiss Army Knife for Drupal
Command line configuration in Drupal 8.

Watch Over My Shoulder
Exploring Drupal 8 from the command line.

Make Mine a Model
A quick look at the Dialog API.

Touring Drupal
Tiptoe through the tip types.

Migrate Overview
Migrating. Now. Here's how.

Migrate API
The power of process plugins.

PHPUnit and Drupal
Good news for Drupal 8 testing.

Ready to Learn
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Drupal 8: "Don't Panic!"  

Building My First Drupal 8 Site
Your 5-step program.

Something Borrowed, Something Drupal
Solving the mysterious /vendor.

Upgrading Your Modules
How to port what is currently port-able.
Upgrading Your Themes
Twig dramatically reduces the complexity of the theme system.

Gettin' Twiggy With It
An angry themer finally smiles. Ah!

RESTfulness and Web Services
Now integrated into core.

The Automagic Speed-Up Cache
For all entities, active by default.  

Drupal in Babel
Drupal 8 supports over a hundred languages. Très cool!

At Your Request
Replacing PHP superglobals.

MySQL Query Optimization
A primer for CMS web developers.

Drupal in the Age of Surveillance
Protecting open source from You Know Who.

Backdrop CMS
Drupal forked?

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