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Linux Magazine #248 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #248 - Digital Issue

July 2021: Brain Tools

Sometimes you want the computer to think for you, and sometimes you want the computer to make you think. This month we present a selection of free Linux tools for learning and thinking.

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Linux Magazine Digital Issue


Kernel News
* Want vs. Need
* Hiding System Resources... from the System

Anki brings a virtual flash card box to the desktop. Thanks to a useful collection of add-ons, you can adapt this helpful learning tool to suit your needs.

If you need to make the occasional diagram, Dia gives you professional results with a minimal learning curve.

Develop your logical thinking skills with this collection of brain teasers.

Create video sequences to present mathematical problems in an engaging way.

Distro Walk – Zorin OS
We interview one of the creators of Zorin OS, a Debian derivative with a minimal yet friendly desktop.

Statistics with gawk
With very little overhead, you can access statistics on the spread of COVID-19 using gawk scripts and simple shell commands.

Command Line – Pandoc
Convert files from one markup format to another at the command line.

Nix and NixOS
This package manager and native distro offer a promising new approach to the challenge of managing packages.

Programming Snapshot – SymPy
Whether he's filling the bathtub with water or routing electricity through resistors, Mike Schilli juggles mathematical formulas with Python.

Charly's Column – User Groups
Charly investigates the three most frequently asked questions about user groups.

Use your Rasp Pi as a powerful smart home control center.

This Pi-based distro comes with everything you need to play retro games. Just bring your Raspberry Pi and, ideally, a simple gamepad.

Doghouse – Distributions
Which distribution is the best choice for you? maddog offers some suggestions.

Micro brings the ease and intuitiveness of a graphical editor to the Linux terminal.

The Tox protocol uses file-sharing techniques for messaging and audio-video chats.

This month Graham looks at Vital, Shortwave, doggo, Bonzomatic, Ultimate Plumber, Open Brush, and more!

Tutorial – Zotero
Use this reference management tool to organize citations and create bibliographies.