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Linux Magazine #249 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #249 - Digital Issue

Turn Your Android into a Linux PC

Learn how to run Linux applications on your Android phone with UserLAnd without voiding your device warranty.

DVD contents are not available with the digital edition.

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    Kernel News
    * Protecting Filesystems from Themselves
    * Extending chroot() to Regular Users
    * Tracking "Issues"

    Smartphone PC
    UserLAnd lets you run Linux applications on your Android phone – all without replacing Android OS.

    Distro Walk – Void Linux
    Void Linux offers a unique distribution with a low barrier to participation.

    6 Multimedia File Converters
    Multimedia files are easy to convert – if you have the perfect tools in your toolkit.

    Loki Workshop
    Loki is a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-use solution for aggregating log data.

    Charly's Column – exa
    There is nothing that admins hate more than unnecessary typing at the console. That's why Charly's clever alternative exa replaces the classic, but ancient, ls.

    Command Line – Debian Scripts
    By combining a few Debian scripts, you can increase your download speed by more than 50 percent.

    Interview – IRCNow
    IRCNow empowers users and lets them break free from social media giants. Project leader Aaron Lin shares his vision of user control.

    Python match
    We explore the new Python match statement, Python's implementation of switch/ case.

    Xournal brings the whiteboard to the PC to aid in all of your online learning activities.

    Automated Web Logins
    Automated web logins with command-line tools and Selenium ensure you don't miss scheduling an activity.

    Electronic Weighing
    Create your own weighing device with easily available components and open source software.

    Doghouse – Dress Code
    Maddog charts the changing norms in dress code over his lengthy career in the tech industry.

    Menyoki lets you create animated GIFs from the command line.

    Search Engines
    If you are interested in data privacy, you might want to try an alternative search engine. We discuss a few engines that serve up good results, along with an option for setting up your own search engine.

    This month Graham looks at Penpot, diskgraph, Music Radar, Arduino IDE 2, Lucas Chess, and more!

    Tutorial – SeedDMS
    The SeedDMS document management tool helps your team stay focused and offers some powerful features for search, notification, and process control.