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Linux Magazine #251 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #251 - Digital Issue

October 2021: Linux From Scratch

Building an operating system is not like compiling a desktop app. You'll need to create a complete development environment – and if you follow the steps carefully, you'll emerge with a deeper understanding of Linux.

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Linux Magazine Digital Issue


Kernel News
* The Patch Submission Process
* Status of NTFS

Distro Walk: Garuda Linux
This friendly Arch Linux distro focuses on usability and modern hardware, making it particularly appealing to gamers.

Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen6
We test a new entrant in the world of slim and lightweight Linux-powered laptops.

Regex Generators
If your regular expressions are getting too complicated, regex generators can compute the patterns for you.

Programming Snapshot – Racing Goroutines
Mike Schilli shows how to instruct the Go compiler to detect and avoid race conditions.

Save Your Expired Chromebook
A tailor-made image like GalliumOS "Bismuth" will keep your Chromebook healthy after its expiration date.

Command Line – Ranger
The Ranger file manager offers a wealth of commands – and less reliance on a mouse.

gdu, godu, duf
Three modern tools, gdu, godu, and duf, help you check the utilization level of hard disks.

Charly's Column – Customizing Vim
Working with the infamous Vim is part of every sys admin's daily work. Charly spices up the veteran editor.

Czkawka helps find and remove duplicate and obsolete files to free up valuable disk space.

GitHub's Copilot takes code autocompletion to a new level but raises copyleft licensing issues.

Custom Rasp Pi OS
A preconfigured Raspberry Pi operating system could cut the time required to burn and configure your OS images.

Kitchen Kiosk
Create a kiosk display from an old eReader to show data culled from Home Automation, Raspberry Pis, and Arduinos.

Doghouse – OS Development
maddog sheds light on why there are so many different flavors of operating systems.

Custom Resolutions
You can boost productivity on an old laptop by using xrandr to gain some extra screen real estate.

Safe Eyes
This handy app delivers timely reminders for preventing eye strain.

This month Graham looks at Mixx, elfcat, Plover, and more!

Tutorial – Wekan
Manage your project's workflow by tracking task ownership and progress.