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Linux Magazine #254 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #254 - Digital Issue

January 2022: Phone Hacks

Eventually, phone manufacturers stop supporting old hardware. If you're not ready to abandon that hardware yourself, you might find a better alternative with LineageOS – a free Android-based system that supports more than 300 phones. We also explore PostmarketOS, a community-based Linux distribution that runs on several Android devices.

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    Kernel News
    Wonky Typecasting

    Linux on a smartphone with PostmarketOS
    The mobile Linux distribution PostmarketOS is a fork of Alpine Linux that supports around a dozen user interfaces.

    Replacing Android with LineageOS
    Breathe new life into your old smartphone: The TWRP recovery image and the free Android offshoot LineageOS let you install the latest security updates every week.

    Distro Walk – EndeavourOS
    As an outgrowth of the now-defunct Antergos community, EndeavorOS offers a customizable Arch Linux derivative that's easy to install with the added benefit of community support.

    EasyNAS lets you set up network-attached storage in next to no time – even on old hardware.

    Command Line – plocate
    As the latest successor to locate, plocate produces some of the quickest search results possible on any system.

    Trinity Desktop
    Trinity Desktop Environment's latest release may seem like a trip back in time, but it does offer freedom of choice and a functional desktop for modern computing.

    Charly's Column – ASN
    When digging into BGP routing information, Charly avoids the highway through parameter hell thanks to the ASN tool. In addition to a system's AS number, ASN delivers other information, such as its peering partners.

    This simple tool lets you combine disks, volumes, and arrays into a single file system.

    Programming Snapshot – Go and Fyne
    If you want to keep only the good photos from your digital collection, you have to find and delete the fails. Mike Schilli writes a graphical application to help you cull your photo library.

    Temperature Testing a NAS
    Use the stress, lm-sensors, and hddtemp utilities to sort out temperature and reliability issues with a home-based NAS box.

    This convenient GUI tool will help you track down log data in the systemd journal.

    Deluxe Web Radio
    A self-designed housing and matching software transform a simple Raspberry Pi web radio into an elegant living room console.

    Miniature Photography
    A web camera, Raspberry Pi, and simple software facilitate miniature tabletop photography.

    Doghouse – FreedomBox
    FreedomBox offers a private, secure personal server that is now available on more platforms.

    Gaming on Linux has traditionally involved a complex installation and configuration procedure. Lutris lets you enjoy games from different worlds quickly in a unified interface.

    Many users still fail to back up important data. FreeFileSync automatically synchronizes specified folders to multiple storage media on demand.

    This month Graham reviews Bela, Quickemu, GPU-Viewer, Maestral, Termux and AnLinux, Space Cadet, and more!

    Tutorial – Shell Calendars
    Command-line aficionados do not have to forgo calendars and appointment reminders.