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Linux Magazine #270 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #270 - Digital Issue

May 2023: Green Coding

A sustainable world will need more sustainable programming. This month we tell you about some FOSS initiatives dedicated to energy efficiency, and we take a close look at some green coding techniques in Go.

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    Green Coding Initiatives
    A number of open source projects offer tools for analyzing energy usage in software.

    Energy-Efficient Software
    Go has a reputation for producing energy-saving applications, but you still have to know what you are doing.

    Distro Walk – coreboot
    Coreboot is an open source firmware alternative with an emphasis on speed and simplicity.

    The popular Linux PC forge TUXEDO extends Ubuntu for its in-house TUXEDO OS distribution.

    Network traffic remains a closed book for many users. Sniffnet lets less experienced users monitor their network traffic with ease.

    MIPI Cameras and Linux
    Recently, things have gotten dicey for webcams supporting the MIPI specification. We'll tell you why and what to do about it.

    With the dict client, you can quickly search dozens of natural language dictionary databases for the perfect word.

    ELF File Format
    Linux and other Unix-based systems use the ELF file format for executables, object code, and shared libraries. Take a peek inside to learn how an ELF file is organized.

    Systemd Flatpak Updates
    You can automate Flatpak updates without a package manager using systemd's services and timers.

    Programming Snapshot – ChatGPT
    The electronic brain behind ChatGPT is amazingly capable when it comes to chatting with human partners. Mike Schilli picks up an API token and uses it to code some small practical applications.

    Filter rules for firewalls can be tricky. As the successor to iptables, nftables simplifies the process of creating and maintaining firewall rules.

    Wildlife View
    Armed with no more than a Raspberry Pi photo trap, you can discover who pays a visit to your garden at night.

    Add menus and information pages to your Raspberry Pi projects.

    Doghouse – Old Farts
    A new effort to record the history of open source is underway.

    Synchronize and manage bookmarks while storing your data locally.

    In a crowded field of search applications, FSearch offers many interesting functions for quickly searching files and folders.

    This month Graham looks at KiCad 7, Carbonyl, CliFM, markdownlint, MythTV 33.1, zelda3, and more.

    Tutorial – ddgr
    Since 2008, DuckDuckGo has been making waves as an efficient and much more private search engine alternative to Google. The unaffiliated command-line tool ddgr makes it easy to run DuckDuckGo searches from the terminal.