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Linux Magazine #274 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #274 - Digital Issue

September 2023: The Best of Small Distros

Nowadays, all the attention is on big, enterprise distributions supported by professional developers at big, enterprise corporations, but small distros are still a thing. If you're shopping for a Linux to run on old hardware, if you want a simpler system that is more responsive and less cluttered, or if you're looking for a special Linux tailored for a special purpose, you're sure to find inspiration in our look at small and specialty Linux systems.

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Linux Magazine Digital Issue


Kernel News

* The Hot Mess of Closed Source

* TV Is the Thing This Year, This Year

Lightweight Linux Distros

Are you ready to escape the bloat of mainstream Linux? We look at four lightweight but general-purpose Linux distributions: Puppy Linux, Tiny Core Linux, antiX Linux, and Alpine Linux.

Specialty Distros

In the Linux world, form follows function. A specialty distro is a Linux-based system designed to serve a specific role. We look at some classic examples.

Raspberry Pi Distros

The Raspberry Pi is a Linux machine, and its default distribution is Raspberry Pi OS. But Linux is all about choices ...

Distro Walk – Debian 12

Debian 12 features install options, new packages, and a new position on non-free firmware, making it more accessible to the average user.

32 Vanilla OS

Vanilla OS, an immutable filesystem, seamlessly integrates applications from other distributions with an innovative container-based package manager.

Command Line – Disposable VMs

Debvm lets you quickly create a temporary virtual machine with a small memory footprint, ideal for testing scripts or mixing repositories.

Customizing SystemRescue

You can do more with SystemRescue than just repair broken systems. By adding tools and scripts, you can create a custom rescue environment.


MathLex lets you easily transform handwritten math formulas to digital format and use them on the web.

Programming Snapshot – Go Racing Game

The fastest way through a curve on a racetrack is along the racing line. Instead of heading for Indianapolis, Mike Schilli trains his reflexes with a desktop application written in Go, just to be on the safe side.


Topgrade detects all the package managers installed on a system and executes them one by one at the command line.


Tipi gives you complete control of more than 100 applications and services. A mouse click is all it takes to install the apps.

Greenhouse Control

You can safely assign some greenhouse tasks to a Raspberry Pi Pico W, such as controlling ventilation, automating a heater, and opening and closing windows.

TensorFlow-KI and Rasp Pi

You don't actually need a powerful computer system to use AI. We show what it takes to benefit from AI on the Raspberry Pi and what tasks the small computer is suitable for.

Doghouse – Trademarks

A trademark verifies to customers that a product really is yours, which also helps them trust they'll get the quality associated with your brand.


Supporting browser plug-ins, network-based DNS blockers like Pi-hole help protect you against online tracking and unwanted content.


This month Graham looks at Qtractor 0.9.34, tone, erdtree, Tiny Tiny RSS, codespelunker, KOReader, Jumpy, and more!

Tutorial – Krita

Few users are aware that Krita, the popular open source painting program, is also great for editing photos.