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Linux Magazine #279 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #279 - Digital Issue

Issue #279: Intrusion Detection

You don't need a fancy appliance to watch for intruders – you just need Suricata and a Raspberry Pi.

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    Kernel News
    * Fonts in the Kernel
    * IA-64 Removed from the Kernel (Not)
    * Jitter Patches

    Building a Rasp Pi IDS
    An intrusion detection system was once considered too complicated and too expensive for a home network, but nowadays, you can use a Raspberry Pi and the Suricata IDS for real-time notice of an incoming attack.

    Distro Walk – Peppermint OS
    Peppermint OS promotes user choice every step of the way. Bruce talks to the Peppermint OS team about how the project has evolved over more than a decade.

    Organizational Tools
    If you need help staying organized, Linux does not let you down with its large collection of organization and scheduling tools.

    Command Line – tldr
    A simplified alternative to man pages, tldr provides the most common command options at a glance.

    DNS Subdomain Hijacking
    Attackers can use poorly maintained DNS records to gain access to your IP address. The open source DNS Reaper lets you monitor your records to ward off attacks.

    Passive Reconnaissance
    Cyberattacks often start with preliminary research on network assets and the people who use them. We'll show you some of the tools attackers use to get information.

    Formatting with LibreOffice
    Learning how to use styles in LibreOffice can save you hours of formatting and let you focus on your writing.

    Mining Monero
    The Monero cryptocurrency lets you get in the game without spending thousands on hardware. We'll show you how.

    Protect your data and operating system from prying eyes with VeraCrypt.

    Programming Snapshot – Google Drive Search Tool
    To check his Google Drive files with three different pattern matchers, Mike builds a command-line tool in Go to maintain a meta cache.

    Sensor Shootout
    Any application that collects a large number of measurements is bound to have some anomalous measurements, but good sensor breakouts should not output such values all the time. We tested eight temperature and humidity sensors for accuracy.

    Pi Flight Simulator
    A Raspberry Pi 4B with Linux can solve the equations for real-time aircraft simulation, including emulation of modern aircraft flight displays.

    Doghouse – Choosing an OS
    A few considerations can help you choose the right OS.

    Oh My Posh
    Adapt the terminal's appearance and feature set with the Oh My Posh prompt theme engine.

    System Monitoring Center
    The System Monitoring Center combines all the important information you need to monitor a computer in a single state-of-the-art interface.

    This month Graham looks at Cardinal, Celestia 1.7.0, Friture, Wavetable, Helix Editor, Brogue CE, and more!

    Tutorial – SSH Keys
    Verifying the security of your SSH configuration and performing regular audits are critical practices in maintaining a secure Linux environment.