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Linux Magazine #281 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #281 - Digital Issue

April 2024: Virtual Memory

The classic vision of random access memory is just the beginning of the story. Modern hardware – and modern operating systems – manage memory in ways that old-school programmers could only have imagined. This month we take a look at virtual memory in Linux.

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Linux Magazine Digital Issue


Kernel News
* How the Sausage Is Made
* A Swift Boot to the Kernel

Virtual Memory
Virtual memory makes your system safer and more efficient. But what is it really? We take a look inside this powerful feature that is built into Linux.

Distro Walk – Debian LTS
The Debian LTS Team works to extend the lifetime of Debian stable to five years. We talk to team members to learn more about this little-known project.

openSUSE MicroOS
If you want the most recent software without sacrificing stability, try running a minimal Linux distribution.

AlmaLinux's ELevate Migration Tool
CentOS 7 reaches end of life in June 2024, forcing users to look for a free enterprise Linux alternative. AlmaLinux's ELevate migration tool can help ease the transition.

Command Line – Nala
The latest iteration of Debian's package manager makes it easier to manage packages from the command line with more readable feedback, parallel downloads, the ability to find the fastest mirrors, and an updated history list.

Credential Stuffing
A credential stuffing cyberattack uses username and password credentials stolen in a data breach to gain access to your accounts. We explain how it works and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Programming Snapshot – Customizing an LED Display
Mike Schilli recently ordered a low-budget LED display and is all set to customize the firmware and add some homemade scripts.

Strace and Firejail
Software from unknown sources always poses some risks. With the strace analysis tool and the Firejail sandbox, you can monitor and isolate unknown applications to safeguard your system.

GPS Location Device
Design and construct a battery-powered GPS receiver and recorder in a compact package, with firmware and a Linux-based GUI application for visualizing the data.

Python and Node-RED
Adding Python to your Node-RED arsenal lets you create easy Raspberry Pi robotic and IoT projects.

Doghouse – Open Source Essentials
A new LPI certification can help those outside of tech gain a meaningful understanding of open source.

UFW Firewall
UFW takes the complexity out of iptables, which is great for beginners and is even good for experienced users who want to keep it simple and avoid hidden mistakes.

lsd and eza
LSDeluxe and eza are modern implementations of the ancient Unix ls command in the Rust programming language.

This month Graham looks at Durdraw, Librum, Neon Modem Overdrive, Seq66, chess-tui, and more!

Artisan Keycaps
Artisan keycaps elevate the mechanical to the magnificent.