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Linux Magazine #284 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #284 - Digital Issue

Issue #284: Laptop Security

In the scary world of the Internet, "more secure than Windows" still isn't secure enough. If you want to keep your traveling systems safe from the clutches of the espionage economy, you'll need some extra help. We show you how to outfit your laptop with the extra defenses you'll need for life on the road.

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Linux Magazine Digital Issue


Kernel News

Zack Brown reports on developer trust.

Laptop Security

Linux is quite secure compared to the alternatives, but you'll need a few additional steps if you really want to lock it down. We'll introduce you to some practical tools for antivirus protection, firewall configuration, and sandboxing.

Distro Walk – Ubuntu Budgie

Ubuntu Budgie combines the simplicity of the Budgie desktop with the power of Ubuntu, resulting in a customizable desktop experience.

E-Commerce Solution

Thirty bees offers a feature rich, open source e-commerce solution for setting up your online store.

Security and Privacy Extensions

Many hands are hard at work on problems of Internet security and privacy. If you're looking to lock down your surfing experience, try these privacy-focused browser extensions.

Git Hooks

The pre-commit framework lets you automatically manage and maintain your Git hook scripts to deliver better Git commits.

Command Line – Environmental Variables

Environmental variables often operate quietly in the background, but knowing how to set, modify, and delete them can come in handy.

Programming Snapshot – Go Bandwidth Display

A Go program running on a Raspberry Pi grabs metrics from a pfSense firewall and displays them on a miniature display to help Mike Schilli keep an eye on his Internet connection's bandwidth usage.


Reuse your old Arduino hardware while learning Python.

SIMD Code Optimization

Coding for the ARM NEON vector hardware can significantly improve performance and help you get the most out of low-power systems like the Raspberry Pi.

Doghouse – Entrepreneurs

Advances in technology have opened up possibilities for potential entrepreneurs, but running a small business still means doing many jobs.

Color on the Terminal

You don't necessarily need color on the terminal, but still, it does look good – and does not involve too much effort.

Web to Ebook

Saving web pages to ebooks conserves space and leads to easier reading.


​Our new columnist Nate Drake looks at Audacity, Endless Sky, GCompris, Switcheroo, MS-DOS, Qemu, and more!

Tutorial – Ubuntu VM in the Azure Cloud

Are you ready to get started with the cloud? Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services provides easy access to an Ubuntu virtual machine.​