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Linux Magazine #285 - Digital Issue

Linux Magazine #285 - Digital Issue

Issue #285: Kernel Exploits

Is Linux secure? Only if you keep up with the patches. This month we take a close look at how intruders attack unsafe versions of the Linux kernel through known and well-publicized exploits. We’ll show you how to set up your own out-of-date kernel to practice on, and we’ll introduce you to some of the tools and techniques attackers use to gain root access.

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Linux Magazine Digital Issue


Kernel News

The Makers of Manners

Kernel Exploits
This deep look at how intruders attack an out-of-date kernel should be enough to convince you of the need to stay vigilant.

Distro Walk – SnoopGod
SnoopGod delivers an Ubuntu-based pentesting distribution with an emphasis on security education.

Mining Litecoin
Although not as popular as headliners like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, and it offers some useful features, such as dual-mining with Dogecoin.

Command Line – Debian Package Management
Over the past 30 years, the apt family has played an important role in dependency resolution for Debian distros.

If you're tired of tinkering with spreadsheets, hledger and plain text accounting offer a simpler method for managing your finances without vendor lock-in.

Programming Snapshot – Go Stock Trading
Mike Schilli uses a Go program to check whether a strategy for trading stocks is making gains or losses on the basis of historical price data.

Wake-on-LAN NAS Backup
Put your backup server to sleep when you don't need it and then wake it on demand using the Wake-on-LAN feature built into network adapters.

Passbolt lets you manage all employee access credentials with a single instance on a Raspberry Pi.

Designing PCBs
Take your electronic projects to the next level with your own PCB designs.

Doghouse – Flood Waters
Open source offers sound solutions to help a place and its people recover – with improved technology – after disaster.

Website Grabbers
Companies and private users sometimes need to back up their own online content. We examine five free solutions for Linux that can download and store web pages or whole websites.

Host WordPress
WordPress lets you build professional websites without needing to know how to code thanks to its user-friendly interface, a huge library of themes and plugins, and built-in search engine optimization features.

This month Nate looks at KeePassXC, Dune 3D, Stimulator, Warehouse, Lootcode, and more!

Tutorial – Kleopatra
KDE Kleopatra, a front end for the GNU PrivacyGuard command-line program, lets you sign and encrypt email for more secure communication.​