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ADMIN #57 - Digital Issue

ADMIN #57 - Digital Issue

Artificial Intelligence – Applications now and in the future

We look at the progress and application of artificial intelligence, deep and machine learning, and neural networks.

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ADMIN magazine Digital Issue


Interview: IBM Open Source
IBM Open Technology group director Nimesh Bhatia talks about the company's involvement in open source and how its acquisition of Red Hat compliments its existing endeavors.

Monitoring with AI
Partially autonomous monitoring systems – or at least intelligent alerts – have the potential to reduce the workload of administrators and the service desk.

Interview: The Limits of AI
We talk to Peter Protzel, an academic with experience in knowledge-based systems and process automation, about the future of artificial intelligence.

TensorFlow Overview
This symbolic math library can help you introduce artificial intelligence, deep learning, and neural networks into your projects.

TensorFlow Lite
A deep learning framework with a subset of TensorFlow operators for mobile and edge inference.

This free, compact bulletin board system of email, calendar, address book, and forum functions is a groupware solution for a small organization.

ZFS Tuning for HPC
The ZFS filesystem and volume manager simplifies data storage management and offers advanced features that allow it to perform in mission-critical or highperformance environments.

Elephant Shed
The PostgreSQL appliance Elephant Shed bundles and integrates the components needed to manage a PostgreSQL server.

Microsoft PowerToys
This collection of free tools helps you customize Windows 10 for individual workflows.

Cloud Foundry Service Mesh
Cloud Foundry deployments that use a service mesh routing plane have access to weighted routing, which lets you control the amount of traffic sent to each route.

Prisma Cloud
Compute Improve the security of cloud-native components by integrating them into this comprehensive security suite for Microsoft environments.

PowerShell as a Security Tool
PowerShell is not the usual go-to tool for pentesting, but it can reveal IT vulnerabilities that suggest a more considered use of the tool.

Network Policy Server
This Microsoft implementation of RADIUS connects systems and provides secure authorization.

Various techniques can minimize traffic bottlenecks when buffers become overloaded, impeding TCP/ IP traffic and making life difficult for real-time applications like voice or video.

bandwhich and iftop
A close look at the network traffic on a server with the bandwhich and iftop utilities can reveal exactly why an application is behaving strangely.

WiFi 6
The 802.11ax WiFi 6 standard promises to solve the congestion problems experienced with older standards by applying successful and practical solutions used by LTE technology.

A Python-based method of providing OpenMP-like functionality for threaded processing.