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ADMIN #66 - Digital Issue

ADMIN #66 - Digital Issue

We look at updating, patching, and log monitoring container apps and explore The Hive + Cortex optimization.

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ADMIN magazine Digital Issue


Container Patch
Application developers often handle containerized applications as if they were conventional monoliths, but updates and security patches in containers need a totally different approach.

The Hive and Cortex
Deployed together, The Hive platform and Cortex automation tool optimize the workflow for your incident response team.

Log Monitoring with Sidecars
Modern scale-out environments with containers make log collection difficult. We present concepts and methods for collecting application logfiles with a sidecar container in Kubernetes environments.

Build platform-independent GUIs for Go programs.

Desktop Search Engines
Tracker, DocFetcher, and Recoll help track down files by their content, even in massive datasets.

Prometheus Workshop
This centralized time series database has built-in metrics, scraping, and alerting logic.

This venerable pentesting framework is still used as a typical workflow to find and analyze security vulnerabilities in Windows 10 and Linux systems.

Containers + WSL2
Deploy a full Linux container environment, including a Kubernetes cluster, on Windows with Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2.

Kubernetes has limited support for multitenancy, so many admins prefer to build multiple standalone Kubernetes clusters, which eat up resources and complicate management. As a solution, Loft launches any number of clusters within the same control plane.

Hardening Network Protocols
The Domain Name System, in addition to assigning IP addresses, lets you protect the network communication of servers in a domain. DNS offers further hardening of network protocols -- in particular, SSH fingerprinting and CAA records.

Isolate popular applications in flexible, easy-to-set-up, and easy-to-take-down containers.

SSH Security
No matter how powerful SSH might be, it typically does not offer adequate protection. We look at ways to tighten SSH security.

This specialized integrated development environment applies test scripts for load testing and performance evaluation and supports various protocols that come in handy for Internet-powered applications.

Azure Update Management
Update Management, integrated with Azure Monitor logs, patches servers in on-premises data centers, virtual servers on Azure and other cloud services, and even Linux servers.

Containers on Windows and Mac
Develop container applications on a Windows or Mac system with Docker Desktop or Podman.

Monitoring with bpytop
This command-line monitoring tool provides a variety of information in a fancy user interface and supports network monitoring and mouse- or keyboard-based control.

MS and Google Linux Subsystems
Microsoft and Google have upgraded their in-house operating systems with subsystems to run Linux.

Performance Dojo
Data compression is a more realistic compute benchmark than a load generator.