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ADMIN #73 - Digital Issue

ADMIN #73 - Digital Issue

Why databases are moving to the cloud: Cloud databases can be useful in virtually any conceivable deployment scenario, come in SQL and NoSQL flavors, and harmonize well with virtualized and containerized environments.

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ADMIN magazine Digital Issue


Cloud DB Basics
Although cloud databases have lower investment and operating costs and better scalability and availability, we look at some of their limitations.

Google Cloud Databases
The Google Cloud Platform offers a wide range of databases for various purposes.

Containerize and Scale DBs
Stateful legacy databases are theoretically not a good fit for containers, but classic SQL can still work well on Kubernetes, with many options for SMEs in scale-out environments.

Vitess for MySQL
Vitess relies on various techniques to scale MySQL horizontally, while looking like the popular database from the outside. But does it deliver what its authors promise?

The world of scale-out is stateless; unfortunately, databases are not. YugabyteDB solves this dilemma for PostgreSQL.

Acceptance Testing with goss
Catch problems related to misconfiguration by implementing your own acceptance testing environment with this free tool.

Windows Package Manager
Chocolatey and WinGet offer full-fledged package management on Windows, but which is best for your environment?

Desired State Configuration
We describe the fairly complex initial setup and use of Microsoft 365 Desired State Configuration.

Azure AD Restricted Auth
Delegate authorizations in Azure AD to ensure better security.

Data Security and Governance
Protecting data becomes increasingly important as the quantity and value of information grows. We describe the basics of data security and governance and how they intertwine.

Security with CrowdSec
This cloud service can help detect and avert threats at an early stage with crowd security, wherein organizations form a community to share attack data.

Win Server 2022 GPOs
We discuss how to manage and secure clients with group policy object templates and look at some recommendations from various governmental and non-governmental security advocates.

Binary Ninja
This interactive binary analysis platform uses an advanced technique to work through cyberattacks and malware infestations.

Microsoft Purview
Combine compliance and data governance to address the security of confidential data in the new hybrid working world.

Goodbye SHA-1
The SHA-1 cryptographic hash function has been considered insecure for a long time. Some Linux distributions have banned or no longer use it -- with some consequences, though.

Hypervisor Ransomware
Even specialized operating systems like the ESXi server are not immune to ransomware attacks, but you can at least prepare for recovery, if you can't protect yourself reliably.

Performance Dojo
We launch a network performance test on EC2 to answer the question: Is the cloud as fast as expected?