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ADMIN #75 - Digital Issue

ADMIN #75 - Digital Issue

Groupware, collaboration frameworks, chat servers, and a web app package manager allow your teams to exchange knowledge and collaborate on projects in a secure environment.

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ADMIN magazine Digital Issue


Archiving in Microsoft Teams
Archive teams and channels no longer needed with various on-board tools. Groupware
Set up an environment, exchange knowledge, collaborate on projects, and manage processes with this open source groupware.

Roadmap for Exchange Server
The next generation of Exchange 2019 was announced for the second half of 2021, but the release plan was revoked in 2022, and the next Exchange was postponed until 2025. We take an in-depth look at the current timetable.

This open standard implements secure, decentralized communication and comes with bridges to popular chat apps.

Self-host web-based productivity apps, apply individual permissions, and isolate documents for security, without a hit on productivity.

DRBD and Corosync/Pacemaker
Eliminate single points of failure and service downtime with the DRBD distributed replicated storage system and the Corosync and Pacemaker service.

This open source, high-performance object storage solution is compatible with the Amazon S3 API and supports multitenant environments.

Windows Secured-Core Server
Reduce the attack surface of your system with minimal overhead.

AWS Well-Architected Framework
Develop resilient and efficient cloud infrastructures for enterprise applications.

Azure Sphere
Link three vital elements of the Internet of Things – microcontrollers, software, and cloud service – with security built-in.

Phishing Tests
The Gophish phishing framework lets you set up your own phishing campaigns to identify vulnerabilities and make users aware of these dangers.

Usernames and passwords play an important role in security. We show you how to set up this password manager and keep it synchronized across multiple devices.

Native Prometheus Histograms
Histograms are a proven means of displaying latencies in Prometheus, but until now, they have had various restrictions. Native histograms now provide a remedy.

Sensible, comprehensive project management for SMEs with few financial inputs.

Comprehensive, highly configurable, but easy-to-use system monitoring.

The canary in a coal mine has made its way metaphorically into IT security with this honeypot for detecting attacks.

Sensor Query Tools
Discover the sensors that already exist on your systems, learn how to query their information, and add them to your metrics dashboard.

Performance Tuning Dojo
Standard loads are essential to benchmarking.