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ADMIN #76 - Digital Issue

ADMIN #76 - Digital Issue

Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

The storage share of the total data center energy budget is expected to double by 2030, calling for more effective resource utilization.

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ADMIN magazine Digital Issue


Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

Storage systems are one of the biggest factors in power consumption, so data storage can make a massive difference in operating costs. You can achieve savings through technologies such as flash, tiered storage, or even cloud-native container environments.

Kea DHCP Daemon

The Internet Systems Consortium announced the end of life for the standard DHCP daemon in Fall 2022. Its designated successor Kea has been in development for years.

Argo CD

Argo CD uses Git repositories as the source of truth for defining a desired application state and automates the deployment in target environments.


Build a private cloud with full AWS compatibility as a way out of vendor lock-in and hefty bills.


A SQL database that is fully distributed and designed for excellent scalability.

Open Cluster Manager

Multiple Kubernetes clusters with different distributions need a central management tool. One candidate is the open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.


The free version of this help desk and shared mailbox application offers powerful features and can be adapted to your requirements with commercial add-ons.

Azure Monitor Agent

The replacement for the Log Analytics Agent has improved security and cost efficiency, better manageability, and greater reliability -- and you must migrate to this new solution by the end of 2024.

GCP Security

Creating complex network infrastructures on the Google Cloud Platform is quick and easy with virtual private clouds, but fast doesn't always mean right. Some on-board tools can heighten your cloud security.


Cost management for clouds, containers, and hybrid environments tends to be neglected for reasons of complexity. This open source software shows some useful approaches to this problem, although the current version still has some weaknesses.

Mutillidae II

Ethical hacking against this vulnerable application can improve your security knowledge.

Microsoft Entra

Uniting key identity technologies results in a centralized management tool for Azure Active Directory.

PS + Ansible Automation

Merge the cross-platform capabilities of Ansible with PowerShell's robust Windows management features for hybrid automation.

Linux with AD

Your Active Directory system doesn't have to be a walled garden. A few easy steps are all you need to integrate Linux with AD.

HTTP/2 on Apache

HTTP/2 solves the head-of-line blocking issue for HTTP at the Application layer, improving concurrency and reducing latency. However, the default PHP binary for Apache uses an incompatible multiprocessing module, so you'll need to expend a bit more effort.

Performance Tuning Dojo

Testing single-board computer storage.