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ADMIN #80 - Digital Issue

ADMIN #80 - Digital Issue

Issue #80: Threat Management

Digital infrastructures are vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. In this issue, we look at strategies and tools to detect and defend.

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Threat Detection
The open source tool Velociraptor is at the heart of a solution that automatically detects cyber threats in industrial environments, offering a defensive strategy and protecting critical infrastructures.

Container Security
Vulnerable software and incorrect settings cause problems, but administrators have some tools at hand that can help with container security.

Hardening Mail Servers
If you don't want to hand over your mail to a corporation, you have to operate your own mail server. Securing it sensibly involves some effort.

Security Onion
This network and enterprise security monitoring solution bundles numerous individual Linux tools that help you monitor networks or fend off attacks to create a standardized platform for securing IT environments.

Azure Application Gateway
In the Azure cloud, Microsoft offers the AAG managed service as a Layer 7 load balancer that needs virtually no internal resources to set up and operate.

Scripting Chatbots
We look at the limited capabilities of artificial intelligence scripting with free large language models and suggest where it might work best.

MySQL 5.7 to 8.0 Upgrade
A number of breaking changes have been introduced between MySQL 5.7 and 8.0. We show you how to navigate this mandatory upgrade.

Compact Kubernetes
We look at three scaled-down, compact Kubernetes distributions for operation on edge devices or in small branch office environments.

Microsoft Bicep
This fairly new domain-specific language creates Azure resources in the cloud. What can it do, and what advantages does it offer admins?

Reduce hosting costs for your fleet of WordPress cloud servers by managing dozens or even hundreds of servers and sites with WordPress-specific smarts.

This vulnerability management tool helps development teams and admins identify, track, and fix vulnerabilities early in the software development process.

Windows Ransomware Protection
Ransomware defense involves two strategies: identifying attacks and slowing the attackers to mitigate their effects.

Scan Kubernetes container setups for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to improve security and compliance.

An open source client and basic server are the basis for this self-hosted, cross-platform remote desktop access software designed to provide support and maintenance.

Hyper-V Resilience
Back up Hyper-V with Azure Site Recovery and prepare for failover.

Performance Dojo
Bottom is the latest process and system monitoring terminal user interface tool, delivering lightweight but beautiful monitoring.