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Powerhouse Perl, Special Edition #13 - Digital Issue

Powerhouse Perl, Special Edition #13 - Digital Issue

Power up your Perl Productivity! This special issue includes a comprehensive introduction by Perl expert Randal L. Schwartz. Perlmeister Mike Schilli explains how to optimize and debug your Perl scripts, then he'll help you advance your Perl know-how with 11 cool Perl projects.

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    • Math Tricks: Solve math problems with Perl
    • Daily Tip: Perl with an SQLite database
    • AJAX: Add dynamic updates to web pages
    • isp-switch: Switch your computer to another ISP if your connection goes down
    • MAC Addresses: Monitor your network for unfamiliar MAC addresses
    • Multimeter: Read and interpret data from an external device
    • Google Chart: Create custom graphs
    • Twitter: Help your scripts send Tweets
    • Webcam: Control a web camera with Perl
    • Perl Gardening: Water your house plants with a little help from Perl
    • GPS: Extract data from a GPS device and plot it on a Yahoo! map