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Raspberry Pi Handbook, Special Edition #25 - Digital Issue

Raspberry Pi Handbook, Special Edition #25 - Digital Issue

Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Handbook, a single volume with all you need to install, configure, and discover the amazing Raspberry Pi. Read on for a gallery of exciting projects that highlight the best features of the Raspberry Pi environment.

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    First Steps
    We describe how to assemble your Pi, install an operating system, and configure your computer.

    Understanding Linux
    Raspbian is a fully functional Linux operating system. If you're new to the free Linux OS, this crash course will help you get your bearings.

    Raspbian LXDE
    Explore the graphical user interface available for your Raspberry Pi system.

    NOOBS 1.4
    The NOOBS boot manager helps beginners try out various Rasp Pi operating systems.

    Pi Software
    Raspbian comes with an exciting assortment of desktop apps, games, and programming tools.

    Scratch Programming
    Write cool programs with Scratch - a programming language for beginners.

    Pi File and Print Servers
    File service, automated backup, and print service for the home network.

    A Pi Web Server
    Test your web creations with a tiny Pi web server.

    Kodi Media Center
    With the free Kodi software, turn your Raspberry Pi into a media center with a fancy interface - and a whole lot more.

    Remote Access
    Use SSH for remote connections to your Raspberry Pi.

    Interfacing for Beginners
    Get started connecting your Pi to external devices.

    Steady Hands
    A game to test your fine motor skills.

    IR Remote
    Turn a Raspberry Pi into an IR remote control.

    I2C Bus: Basics
    Getting to know the Raspberry Pi I2C bus.

    Build a Raspberry Pi into your Lego Mindstorms projects.

    The Rasp Pi Display
    The new Rasp Pi display provides a compact option for viewing screen output - at a Pi-like low price of $60.

    Retro Gaming on the Pi
    Transform your Pi into a platform for classic gaming.

    Rasp Pi Camera Module
    The Raspberry Pi camera module opens up a whole new world of useful projects.

    Programming the GPIO
    Export ports, handle interrupts, and program the general-purpose I/O.

    Mathematica on the Pi
    Wolfram Mathematica and Wolfram language are pre-installed on the Pi.