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Raspberry Pi Adventures, Special Edition #27 - Digital Issue

Raspberry Pi Adventures, Special Edition #27 - Digital Issue

This single issue is your guide to the Raspberry Pi experience! Raspberry Pi Adventures offers an insightful collection of fun, informative, and easy projects for Raspberry Pi users of all ages.

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    Get Started
    Before you start your first adventure, you'll need to set up your Raspberry Pi and install the operating system.

    Discover Raspbian
    Customize your system, work with the terminal, and install new applications on your Raspberry Pi.

    Web Server
    Install a web server on your Raspberry Pi and build a simple website.

    Pi Camera
    Control a camera with your Raspberry Pi.

    Turtle Art
    Take your first programming steps with turtle graphics.

    Scratch makes programming fun and easy. We'll show you how to to Draw, animate, and create a shark attack game.

    Python Programming
    Now that you’ve tried Turtle Art and Scratch, we’ll show you how to work with the powerful Python programming language.

    Build a scoreboard while you explore the breadboard and discover other tools for integrating your Pi with electrical circuits.

    Scratch Animation
    Use Scratch’s built-in graphics editor to create animations for a racing game.

    Make music and explore the world of digital sound with Sonic Pi.