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GIMP Handbook, Special Edition #28 - Digital Issue

GIMP Handbook, Special Edition #28 - Digital Issue

Don't pay for expensive photo editing software. The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a powerful tool for editing and processing photo images.

No gimmicks or tricks – no cost. Read on for an extraordinary experience with a most extraordinary tool.

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Digital Issue Special Edition


Installing GIMP
If GIMP isn't on your system already, you can download the installation files. Experienced users can even build GIMP from source code.

GIMP 2.9
New features in GIMP 2.9 and upcoming versions.

Exploring GIMP
Get familiar with GIMP's toolbox, dock, and main window.

You can modify many important aspects of GIMP configuration using special settings.

Basic Functions
Learn how to use basic GIMP functions.

Structuring images with the help of layers.

Selections make working on individual pieces of an image possible.

Functions and techniques for working with colors.

Create flexible and scalable structures with paths.

Text and Logos
Jazz up images with text and create your own logos.

GIMP provides good ways to solve autofocus problems.

Light and Shadow
GIMP offers a range of possibilities for correcting exposure problems.

Using GIMP, you can iron out wrong exposures and edit image details quickly.

Creating 3D effects with maps in GIMP.

Using G'MIC to add even more functions to GIMP.

UFRaw: A RAW converter with many extras.

Create paintings using GIMP tools.

Fine Art HDR Processing
Luminance HDR offers high dynamic range imaging.

Animation with GIMP
Creating animations with GIMP.