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Cool Linux Hacks, Special Edition #51 - Digital Issue

Cool Linux Hacks, Special Edition #51 - Digital Issue

Special Edition #51: Cool Linux Hacks, 2024 Edition

This Linux Magazine Special Edition promises you "Cool Linux Hacks," and we'll certainly deliver. Discover the secrets of the experts! This collection of inspirational tricks and shortcuts for Linux geeks will help you tune your Linux system and improve your skills.

Our hacks include ingenious tools, techniques, and shell commands for customizing your desktop, repairing your system, improving privacy, working with code, and more!

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Digital Issue Special Edition


Images & Videos

Hack 1 Switcheroo: Image Converter
Hack 2 Pitivi: Video Editor
Hack 3 Flowblade: Video Editor
Hack 4 LibrePCB 1.0.0: Circuit Designer
Hack 5 Graphite: Vector Image Editor
Hack 6 Gyroflow: Video Stabilizer
Hack 7 ImageMagick: convert
Hack 8 ImageMagick: Copyright and Co
Hack 9 Manage Your Photography Workflow with darktable
Hack 10 LosslessCut 15

Audio Magic

Hack 11 Firefly Synth: Polyphonic Sound Generation
Hack 12 JC303: Synth Bass
Hack 13 Faircamp: Music Platform
Hack 14 Seq66: MIDI Sequencer and Looper
Hack 15 ShowMIDI: MIDI Data Viewer
Hack 16 MidiEditor: MIDI Data Editor
Hack 17 Quetzalcoatl: Vector Synthesizer
Hack 18 Cardinal: Modular Synth Rack
Hack 19 Friture: Audio Analysis
Hack 20 Sointu: Modular Synth Tracker
Hack 21 Wavetable: Wavetable Synth
Hack 22 Drumscript: Command-Line Drums
Hack 23 osci-render: Oscilloscope Music
Hack 24 Ardour 8: Music Workstation
Hack 25 Daphile Audio Server


Hack 26 Run macOS in a Virtual Machine
Hack 27 Run DOS Programs in DOSBox-X
Hack 28 Bring Back the Commodore Amiga
Hack 29 Type CP/M Commands Like It's 1984
Hack 30 Qemu: Machine Emulator/Virtualizer
Hack 31 x48ng: HP-48 Emulator
Hack 32 MAME 0.260: Arcade Emulator
Hack 33 Get Nostalgic with BBC BASIC
Hack 34 Use Online OS Emulators


Hack 35 Quick and Dirty HTTP/FTP Server Setup
Hack 36 Transmission 4 (BitTorrent Client)
Hack 37 Hasty Paste 1.9.0: Simple Online Clipboard
Hack 38 Neon Modem Overdrive: Terminal Forum Access
Hack 39 Trippy: Network Analysis
Hack 40 internetarchive: Command-Line Access
Hack 41 TheDesk: Mastodon Client
Hack 42 goread: Terminal RSS Reader
Hack 43 Rymdport: Secure File Transfers
Hack 44 WeeChat 4: IRC Client
Hack 45 Tiny Tiny RSS: RSS Hosting
Hack 46 gping: Visual Ping


Hack 47 Privacy Badger
Hack 48 Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker
Hack 49 sbctl: Secure Boot Manager
Hack 50 Cryptomator: File Encryption
Hack 51 Monitor a Program with strace and ltrace
Hack 52 Run Apps in Boxed Mode with Boxxy
Hack 53 Improve DNS Privacy with DNS-over-TLS
Hack 54 Check Your Downloads
Hack 55 Secure Your Notebook
Hack 56 Strip Metadata from Your Files
Hack 57 Detect Hidden Processes

File Formats

Hack 58 ebread 0.1: Convert Ebook Text to Plain Text
Hack 59 Durdraw: ASCII Art Editor
Hack 60 Librum: Ebook Reader
Hack 61 Ruffle: Flash Player
Hack 62 termdbms: Database Editor
Hack 63 ASCII Art Converter: ASCII Art
Hack 64 Alexandria: Ebook Reader
Hack 65 tone: Audio Metadata Editor
Hack 66 fx: JSON Viewer
Hack 67 Mount ISO Images with a Mouse Click
Hack 68 Get Information About ISO Images
Hack 69 Look Inside Package Files
Hack 70 What File Format Is That?


Hack 71 Learn Game Development on the TIC-80
Hack 72 GCompris: Learning Games for Kids
Hack 73 GPlates: Plate Tectonics
Hack 74 Explore Space with Celestia
Hack 75 BOOLR: Logic Simulator
Hack 76 Learn the vi Editor Basics
Hack 77 The Command Line Murders: Terminal


Hack 78 Use the Pager That Can Do the Most
Hack 79 Find Your Favorite Terminal
Hack 80 Save Your SSH Sessions with screen
Hack 81 ssc: Script Compiler
Hack 82 envio: Environment Variable Manager
Hack 83 Shell Genie: Use AI to Generate Shell Input
Hack 84 Atuin: Shell History Database
Hack 85 nav: Filesystem Navigator
Hack 86 walk: Terminal Navigator
Hack 87 codespelunker: Command-Line Search
Hack 88 Improve Shell Performance by Swearing
Hack 89 Record Your Shell Session


Hack 90 Get Started with the C Language
Hack 91 Try Helix, the Modern Vim Alternative
Hack 92 Geany 2: Programming Editor
Hack 93 tio: Serial Communications
Hack 94 microStudio: Game Development
Hack 95 Create 2D and 3D Games with Fyrox
Hack 96 Write Code in JupyterLab Notebooks
Hack 97 Godbolt Compiler Explorer


Hack 98 Play Widelands, a Great Real-Time Strategy Game
Hack 99 Endless Sky: Space Trading and Combat
Hack 100 CorsixTH: Hospital Game 90
Hack 101 The Ur-Quan Masters: Space Adventure
Hack 102 chess-tui: Command-Line Chess
Hack 103 Zero-K: Multiplayer RTS
Hack 104 MojoZork: Interactive Fiction
Hack 105 Brogue CE: Classic Roguelike
Hack 106 Amnesia – The Dark Descent Redux: HPC Games Engine
Hack 107 Zatikon: Strategy Game
Hack 108 HeadSetControl: Use Gaming Headsets on Linux
Hack 109 Jazz2 Resurrection: Classic Platform
Hack 110 AstroMenace: 3D Shooter
Hack 111 Linux Air Combat: Flight Simulator
Hack 112 Hypersomnia: Multiplayer Shooter
Hack 113 Qonquest 2
Hack 114 Thorium Nova