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MakerSpace #03 - Digital Issue

MakerSpace #03 - Digital Issue

Welcome to MakerSpace #03! We care about technology that lets you build your own stuff. It is where you can let your ideas materialize.

Check out our latest collection of exciting, hands-on projects in this new issue!

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    Solar-Powered Pi Pico
    Powering your Pi Pico with solar might not solve the current energy crisis, but it will save you from changing batteries.

    RFID over SPI
    Turn your Raspberry Pi 4 into an RFID tag reader using inexpensive components for the SPI interface.

    KOReader E-Reader
    KOReader offers enough features to transform your reading experience.

    Home Laser
    Execute your own laser cutting projects with the FLUX beamo laser and a Raspberry Pi Board B10001.

    New Tech Retrofit
    An electronic project at a local science center was showing its age. Arduino to the rescue!

    emini Protocol
    Create Gemini pages to show sensor data or control a Raspberry Pi rover.

    Pluggable Pi Systems
    Ecosystems with pluggable Raspberry Pi modules, sensors, and displays are a great choice if you don't want to solder but still want to extend your hardware.

    Automatic Fish Feeder
    Whether at work or on vacation, every pet lover worries about how to take care of their little roommate. What aquarium owners need is an automatic feeder.

    Garden Irrigation
    With a Pi Zero and a few components, you can build an inexpensive and reliable automated watering system for your plants.

    Z-Wave Home Assistant
    Z-Wave components, a RaZberry module, and the free Home Assistant software turn the Raspberry Pi into a powerful smart home control center.

    MiSTer FPGA
    When it comes to reviving old games, FPGAs offer a more authentic experience than software emulators. The MiSTer FPGA delivers one of the best solutions for retro gaming.

    Legacy DOS Games on the Pi
    Play old DOS games on the Dosbian operating system, which turns the Raspberry Pi into an 80486 PC.

    Before MS-DOS, there was an older OS ecosystem: Welcome to the ancient world of CP/ M.

    BBC Basic Interpreter
    BBC BASIC can run on old and new computers. Learn more about using a classic computer language that is perfect for beginners.

    Create lightweight Raspberry Pi scripts with Xonsh, a Python shell that lets you write scripts in Python with Bash commands mixed in.

    Assembler on Pi
    Talk to your Raspberry Pi in its native assembler language.

    Access the Raspberry Pi's GPIO
    The popular wiringPi library is no longer under maintenance by its developer. An alternative called Pigpio has arrived just in time.

    CircuitMess Nibble
    The Nibble kit by CircuitMess is a freely programmable mobile game console that makes it easy to get started with microcontroller programming.

    Pico Sleep Mode
    The Raspberry Pi Pico's high-performance chip is trimmed for I/ O and does not try to save power. However, a few tricks in battery mode can keep your Pico running longer.