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Linux Magazine #215 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #215 - Print Issue

October 2018: Privacy

This month we study some tricks for improving privacy on your Linux system. You'll learn how to turn off the webcam and mic when they are not in use, and we'll show you some extensions and advanced configuration settings for dialing up your privacy in Firefox.

On the DVD: The Complete Linux Magazine Archive DVD – Every article from issue #1 through #214.

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Print Issue Linux Magazine


Kernel News
* New GNSS GPS Subsystem
* New LoRaWAN Subsystem
* Tracking Compiler Dependencies at Config Time
* Uninlining for Debugging

Privacy in Firefox
The Firefox browser is not so private under its default settings, but several add-ons and configuration settings will help you keep the spies in the dark.

Privacy Hacks
You don't have to dig deep into your toolbox to protect your privacy: With a few simple tricks, you can disable the webcam and microphone and permanently delete data from your hard disk.

Cryptomator adds encryption to the cloud storage environment.

RSS Readers
RSS feed readers bring order and clarity to the jungle of news.

Freeing Your Music Player with Rockbox
Turn your music player into open hardware with Rockbox's free firmware.

Command Line – zstd
In an effort to meet modern computing needs, zstd offers a greater degree of compression at a faster rate, with unique options to enhance performance.

Charly's Column – SSH Tunnel
Charly draws attention to a widely unknown weather phenomenon: The instability of rarely used tunnels leading to a Raspberry Pi. Read on for greater insights.

Programming Snapshot – Go
To find files quickly in the deeply nested subdirectories of his home directory, Mike Schilli whips up a Go program to index them in an SQLite database.

PiXtend v2
The PiXtend board extends the Raspberry Pi with many useful interfaces and functions for new target groups.

Pi Zero Sailboat
Use the Node-RED programming tool to create a web dashboard for controlling a toy sailboat.

Open Hardware – Prosthetic Hand
In true open hardware spirit, Social Hardware looks to produce a development kit for prosthetic hands to help rural amputees in India.

This month in Linux Voice

Doghouse – Linux History
"maddog" takes us on a brief tour of Linux history.

Memory Compression
Data compression costs virtually no computing power today. Why not save some space by putting data compression techniques to work on RAM and cache memory?

This simple shell script helps you manage and synchronize passwords using Git.

This month Graham looks at Brackets, Browsh, Borderlands, Timekpr, Fractal, HyperRogue, and much more!

Tutorial – Metadata
ODF files contain useful metadata that is very easy to read or modify.

Tutorial – Docker 101
The Docker container management system isn't just for sys admins. Here's how to get started implementing your own Docker container environment.