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Linux Magazine #244 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #244 - Print Issue

March 2021: Stream Processing

The explosion of real-time data from sensors and monitoring devices is fueling new interest in alternative programming techniques. This month we wade into stream processing.

On the DVD: FreeBSD 12.2 and GhostBSD 20.11.28

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Kernel News
* Spanking Linus
* Controlling Boot Parameters via Sysfs
* Finessing GCC
* Dealing with Loose Build Dependencies

Stream Processing 101
Batch processing strategies won't help if you need to process large volumes of incoming data in real time. Stream processing is a promising alternative to conventional batch techniques.

Apache StreamPipes
You don't need to be a stream processing expert to create useful custom solutions with Apache StreamPipes. We'll use StreamPipes to build a simple app that calculates when the International Space Station will fly overhead.

Distro Walk – Arch Linux
Arch Linux, one of the more popular Linux distros, goes its own way, putting you in control.

Free Software in 2020
Among other noteworthy trends in 2020, producing free and secure videoconferencing software has become a higher priority in the past year.

Protect your system from unwanted visitors with two-factor authentication.

Charly's Column – Livepatch
There is only one thing Charly appreciates even less than security holes: downtime of his machines. That's why he patches his Ubuntu systems with Canonical's Livepatch on the fly.

Command Line – Jailkit
Setting up chroot jails is no simple task. Jailkit can make this job a little easier by automating setup and configuration.

Programming Snapshot – Bulk Renaming
Renaming multiple files often requires small shell scripts. Mike Schilli simplifies this task with a Go program.

This powerful tool collection lets you automatically monitor basic system settings.

Kconfig Deep Dive
The Kconfig configuration system makes it easy to configure and customize the Linux kernel. But how does it work?

Safe Messaging with TLSA
Decoupled application design gets in the way of secure communication, but a little known feature of DNS can provide message security.

Create real-time charts with a few lines of code.

8GB Raspberry Pi 4
The Raspberry Pi family, and the 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS, further improves performance.

Doghouse – Project Caua
In Latin America, many students qualify for free college tuition but don't attend a university because they can't afford the living expenses. To bridge that gap, maddog has been working on a new pilot program designed to help students with computer skills.

Material Shell
The Gnome extension Material Shell organizes the windows on your desktop, giving you many options for smoothly switching between different applications and views.

Add this tool for creating panoramic images to your image editing toolbox.

Graham looks at the PlotJuggler 3 data visualizer, note taking with Xournal++, the KStars planetarium, and more!

Tutorial – Gaming with Godot
This open source game engine provides all the tools you'll need to build your own shooter game.