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Linux Magazine #246 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #246 - Print Issue

May 2021: Faster Startup

Weary of waiting for a login window? Your driver-drenched Linux distro was configured for all systems, not for your system. This month we show you how to optimize your system for faster startup.

On the DVD: Manjaro KDE Plasma 20.2.1 and Clonezilla Live 2.7.1

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Print Issue Linux Magazine


Kernel News
* Opening a Random Can of Worms
* Out with the Old

Battery Time
A tool called auto-cpufreq switches governors automatically to optimize battery runtime.

Faster Startup
These tweaks will help you streamline system startup.

Distro Walk: elementary OS
In the past decade, elementary OS has grown from an open source project to a company with a unique business model.

File Exchange
For the occasional local file transfer, a few simple tools can do the job quickly and efficiently.

The dstask personal tracker lets you manage your to-do list from the command line. Dstask uses Git version control to store tasks, letting you synchronize your to-do list across multiple devices.

Command Line – pip3
This increasingly popular Python installer offers a complete solution for binary packages.

Charly's Column – katoolin 3
Charly uses the katoolin 3 installation script for a targeted approach to installing his favorite Kali Linux tools.

Programming Snapshot – Shell Stats
When functions generate legions of goroutines to do subtasks, the main program needs to track and retain control of ongoing activity.

Exploring Quicksort
Rediscover the efficiency and elegance of the classic Quicksort sorting algorithm.

PyPy and Nuitka
PyPy and Nuitka improve the performance of Python on a Raspberry Pi.

Video Calls on a Rasp Pi
A video telephony system does not have to be complex. This project starts a phone call with just a single button press.

Doghouse – Weather Forecast
A recent rocket launch has maddog thinking about high performance computing and accurate weather forecasts.

ART – Another RawTherapee
This alternative RAW converter has the potential to simplify photo editing.

Remembering XENIX
We look at XENIX, Microsoft's lost Unix distro, and show how you can boot up XENIX in a virtual machine.

This month Graham looks at MScSim, Ticker, vizex, and more!

Tutorial – Lyrics-in-terminal
Follow the lyrics while you listen to your favorite songs.