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Linux Magazine #247 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #247 - Print Issue

June 2021: Post-Quantum Encryption

Quantum computers are still at the experimental stage, but mathematicians have already discovered some quantum-based algorithms that will demolish the best of our current encryption methods. What better time to look for quantum encryption alternatives?

On the DVD: Knoppix 9.1 and Zorin OS 15.3 Core

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Print Issue Linux Magazine


Kernel News
* "Welcoming" a New Kernel Developer
* An Ancient Feature Goes Belly Up

Quantum Computing and Encryption
The encryption methods we use today are no match for tomorrow's quantum computers. We'll show you why and what's ahead for cryptography in the post-quantum era.

Distro Walk – Knoppix
Knoppix, a portable operating system and rescue disk, continues to evolve.

The experimental distri research project investigates ways to speed up package management.

Command Line – Installers
Testing cutting-edge applications may require learning about the installer first.

DTLS – Encryption for UDP
TLS encryption is wonderful if it is running over a reliable transport protocol like TCP; but if your needs call for the less reliable UDP transport, you'd better start learning about DTLS.

JSON Deep Dive
JSON data format is a standard feature of today's Internet. We'll take a close look at JSON format and explore some tools for reading and manipulating JSON data.

Set up a server to play Roguelike games and preserve a piece of gaming history.

Charly's Column – Zint
Doing a hardware inventory in a data center is never easy. Charly uses Zint to provide each newly acquired system with a QR code sticker.

Programming Snapshot – fsnotify
Inotify lets applications subscribe to change notifications in the filesystem. Mike Schilli uses the cross-platform fsnotify library to detect what's happening.

ARM64 Assembly and GPIO
Reading, writing, and arithmetic with the Raspberry Pi in ARM64 assembly language.

Pi OS 2020-12-02
The latest Raspberry Pi OS adds the PulseAudio sound server and a print manager.

Add a dialog box to your command-line app.

Doghouse – Code Longevity
Maddog discusses the long history of text editors and the RAND message handling system.

EdUBudgie Linux is an Ubuntu clone created by a teacher and aimed directly at the education market.

Kit Scenarist
Creative writers take note! Kit Scenarist is a free application designed to simplify the process of writing a screenplay.

This month Graham looks at SonoBus, NewsFlash,, RetroShare, Emilia Pinball, and much more!

Tutorial – Obsidian
Obsidian helps you work more effectively by giving you a tool to record, connect, and catalog your ideas and notes.