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Linux Magazine #252 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #252 - Print Issue

November 2021: Locked Down

The security landscape keeps changing, and experienced users know they need to keep their eyes open for tools and techniques that give an edge. This month we study smartcards, hard drive encryption, and a less-bloated alternative to Sudo.

On the DVD: Debian 11 and Redcore Linux 2101

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Kernel News
* Bug Hunting and Process Appreciation
* Refusing "Useful" Patches

Distro Walk: Garuda Linux
This friendly Arch Linux distro focuses on usability and modern hardware, making it particularly appealing to gamers.

The Sudo privilege management tool is big and complicated, with many advanced options. Doas is far simpler – which might just make it safer for desktop users.

OpenPGP Smartcard
Improve communication security with GnuPG and the OpenPGP smartcard.

Nitrokey Pro 2
The Nitrokey Pro 2 is a small device that covers a wide range of cryptographic functions.

SiriKali encrypts files and directories with just a few mouse clicks, without the inefficiency of fixed-size containers.

Distro Walk – Redcore Linux
With its point-and-click installation, Redcore aims "to be to Gentoo what Manjaro is to Arch Linux."

Pandoc Website
Build a simple web page in Markdown and then convert it to HTML at the command line.

Command Line – lsd
One of several new revamps of ls, lsd offers color coding plus revised options relevant to the modern computer.

Charly's Column – Age
Charly makes life easier for himself by using the lean Age tool for command-line data encryption tasks.

In no time at all, imgp can change the resolution of images, as well as convert files from PNG to JPEG, remove metadata, and rotate images.

If your school's computer lab consists of Linux machines, Epoptes provides an interesting alternative to conventional management and monitoring programs.

Programming Snapshot – Go GPS Data Retrieval
The hiking and cycling app komoot saves your traveled excursion routes. Mike Schilli shows you how to retrieve the data with Go.

If you need to flash the same image to multiple USB media, Popsicle saves time by letting you write in parallel.

Saltwater Battery
Saltwater batteries offer a cheaper and greener approach to storing energy.

Ren'Py helps you create Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, and HTML5 games and apps.

Doghouse – Bug Reports
For a better bug report, maddog offers a refresher course on crafting a clear statement that will help get your problem fixed.

Canonical's ufw lets you configure your firewall without the hassle of the iptables tool, while reducing the risk of misconfiguration and simplifying maintenance.

Modern technology and new programs can revive old handicrafts. KXStitch helps design cross-stitch patterns and even automatically converts imported images.

This month Graham looks at MyGNUHealth, Sniptt, Pigiron, CudaText, KnobKraft Orm, D2X-XL, and more!

Tutorial – HedgeDoc
HedgeDoc lets you write documents collaboratively in Markdown and publish them online.