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Linux Magazine #253 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #253 - Print Issue

December 2021: OpenBSD

BSD Unix has been around longer than Linux, and it still has a loyal following within the Free Software community. This month we explore the benefits of a leading BSD variant from the viewpoint of a Linux user.

On the DVD: Tails 4.22 and Q4OS 4.6

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Kernel News
* Renaming SMB
* Testing Standards

OpenBSD for Linux Users
The classic family of FOSS operating systems known as the BSDs remain a mystery to many in the Linux community. With the upcoming release of OpenBSD 7.0, it is time to throw some light on this little gem.

Distro Walk – Qubes OS
Andrew David Wong discusses the Qubes OS project's security-by-compartmentalization approach, including an endorsement from Edward Snowden.

AltSearch offers extended functionality to LibreOffice Write's default find and replace tools, making it ideal for editing and formatting longer documents.

Fighting COVID-19 with BOINC
Linux and the BOINC distributed computing platform help researchers fight the COVID-19 virus.

Charly's Column – VM Detection
To write low-level scripts, you need to know whether you are currently on a physical or a virtual machine. Charly finds out with a couple of clever hacks.

Command Line – Hardware Information
A quick guide to 10 command-line tools to help you find hardware information.

With its immutable filesystem, rlxos prevents a broken system while simultaneously allowing changes via OverlayFS.

Programming Snapshot – Disk Speedo
To keep an eye on the remaining disk space during storage-intensive operations, check out this speedometer/odometer written in Go.

Hard Disk Sentinel
Hard Disk Sentinel monitors mass storage devices with a fully automated process minus the bells and whistles.

Homegrown Notes Tool
If you're tired of the privacy problems and feature bloat of high-end note-taking utilities, try rolling your own.

Repurposed Router Projects
If you have an old router lying around, you can put it to good use with a few easy projects and learn something along the way.

Doghouse – Multi-Factor Authentication
maddog looks at multi-factor authentication.

With over 20 years of development, Worker offers a tested and functional two-panel file manager.

Clapper and GTK4
The Clapper media player showcases new desktop design features in GTK4.

Behind G'MIC's deceptively simple interface hides a mighty image processing framework.

This month Graham looks at Bespoke, Waydroid, OpenShot, pedalboard, Onivim 2, Mr. Rescue, and more!

Tutorial – Blender Perfume Bottle
Creating this simple 3D image will give you a whiff of Blender's power.