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Linux Magazine #259 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #259 - Print Issue

Twenty Years ago, everyone thought a gateway firewall was all you needed to stay safe from intruders, but recent history has told a different story. Today, the best advice is: Don't trust anyone. Your internal network could be just as dangerous as the Internet.

On the DVD: Zorin OS 16.1 Core and Super GRUB2 Disk

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    Zero Trust
    The best strategy for network security is to trust no one.

    Distro Walk – Pop!_OS
    Pop!_OS, known for its innovation, customization, and user-friendliness, features one of the easiest tiling desktop options available.

    Twister UI
    Twister UI modernizes the Xfce desktop, making it ideal for both new users and old hardware.

    Analytics with Python and KDD
    The Knowledge Discovery in Data Mining (KDD) method breaks the business of data analytics into easy-to-understand steps.

    Command Line – Snort
    Detect intruders on your network.

    Solving Wordle with Regexes
    We'll show you how to solve any Wordle in just a few steps and gain practical experience using grep and regular expressions.

    BlueSeer ERP
    An open source ERP solution can save you thousands of dollars – in licensing fees as well as customization expenses.

    Protect yourself from unwanted data leaks.

    Tiling Desktops
    Minimize clutter with a tiling desktop.

    Assembler on Pi
    Talk to your Raspberry Pi in its native assembler language.

    Pluggable Pi Systems
    Ecosystems with pluggable Raspberry Pi modules, sensors, and displays are a great choice if you don't want to solder but still want to extend your hardware.

    Doghouse – Strategic Redundancy
    Open source software and hardware are the best choice to protect against supply chain disruption.

    XMonad Tiling Window Manager
    Many users never look back once they get started with a tiling window manager. A close look at XMonad shows why.

    This month Graham looks at Zotero 6, Conky, Czkawka, Rich, aha, Amazing-QR, horcrux, and more!

    Tutorial – Vulkan darktable
    The RAW converter Vulkan darktable outpaces its competitors with a modern node-graph-based architecture and massive use of the GPU.