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Linux Magazine #260 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #260 - Print Issue

July 2022: Privacy

If you are really serious about privacy, you'll need to lean on more than your browser's no tracking button. Those who need anonymity the most depend on the Tor network – a global project offering safe surfing even in surveillance states. We also look at Portmaster, an application firewall with some useful privacy features.

On the DVD: Ubuntu 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish" LTS Desktop Edition and Fedora 36 Workstation

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Security and anonymization play an increasingly important role on the Internet due to the endless appetite of Internet companies for personal data. Portmaster and the Safing Privacy Network will help you protect your privacy – even if you're not a security expert.

Anonymity on the Tor Network
The Tor Project supports a formidable collection of tools for protecting your privacy on the Internet. We'll give you some background on Tor and help you get started with the Tor Browser.

Distro Walk – Devuan
Devuan, with its promise of Init Freedom, provides users an alternative to systemd as an init process.

In many classroom settings, paper grade lists and the good old class register are still the rule. The AlekSIS project offers a 21st century solution for small schools that want to go digital.

Securing Thunderbolt
The Thunderbolt interface supports extremely fast data transfer rates, but be careful about what you plug into your port, because Thunderbolt devices access memory directly.

Shell Download Manager
A few lines of shell code and the Gawk scripting language make downloading files off the web a breeze.

High Availability vs. Backup
Some users trust their data to powerful file servers that advertise enterprise data protection, but your network-attached storage system might not be as safe as you think it is.

Command Line – kitty
Kitty, a terminal emulator by the creator of Calibre, promises customization and graphical acceleration at the command line.
With so many Linux distros to choose from, you can spend a lot of time downloading and installing before you find the right one. lets you test a variety of Linux distributions from the browser without installing.

BlueSpice 4.1
Keep your team collaborating with BlueSpice, a wiki tool focused on professional customers.

DIY Read-It-Later Tool
Instead of relying on a third-party read-it-later service, you can use this DIY tool to save articles from the Internet.

Programming Snapshot – A Go Wordle Cracker
Mike Schilli builds a command-line tool to boost his Wordle streak.

Digital Spirit Level
The small MPU6050 sensor contains a gyroscope and an accelerometer, which means that you can build a digital spirit level with it.

New Tech Retrofit
Arduino was the solution for an electronic display at a local science center that was showing its age.

Doghouse – Local Internet Support
Tools such as community servers and local web traffic caches can help improve community Internet service.

Fuzzy finders retrieve useful results from data streams even if there are no exact matches.

Dim Media Manager
Dim, a relatively new open source media manager, looks to implement the appearance and feature set of the commercial Plex media center.

This month Graham looks at TerraForge3D, Navidrome, qddcswitch, Difftastic, fheroes2, and more!

Tutorial – LibreOffice Charts
Everybody needs charts sooner or later, and LibreOffice Calc is the easiest way to create them with free and open source software.