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Linux Magazine #262 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #262 - Print Issue

Behind the scenes, the cellular phone network has always been the preserve of highly specialized and proprietary equipment, but some recent innovations could be changing that. This month we explore the Open RAN specification, which could one day allow more of the mobile phone network to operate on off-the-shelf hardware.

On the DVD: openSUSE Leap 15.4 and MX Linux 21.1

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    Open RAN
    Open RAN brings a new spirit of openness to the radio access networks that form the foundation for the mobile revolution.

    Distro Walk – MX Linux
    MX Linux is fast, friendly, and focused on function.

    Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
    Ubuntu 22.04 LTS features an updated Linux kernel, numerous programming language updates, and improved virtualization and container tools, making it useful for developers and admins.

    Open Source Social Media Tools
    Diaspora, Friendica, and Mastodon are free and decentralized microblogging platforms that keep you in control of your data.

    Bash Web Scraping
    With one line of Bash code, Pete scrapes the web and builds a desktop notification app to get the daily snow report.

    Command Line – Homebrew
    Homebrew, a comprehensive package manager, has been increasing in popularity thanks to its ease of use.

    DIY Web Server
    If you want to learn a little bit more about the communication between a web browser and an HTTP server, why not build your own web server and take a closer look.

    Podman gives users a quick and easy way to set up a Nextcloud instance for home use.

    Programming Snapshot – Go Geolocation Game
    A geolocation guessing game based on the popular Wordle evaluates a player's guesses based on the distance from and direction to the target location.

    Home Laser
    With the FLUX Beamo laser and a Raspberry Pi Board B10001, you can execute your own laser cutting projects on a wide range of materials.

    Home Assistant with MQTT
    Automating your four walls does not require commercial solutions. With a little skill, you can develop your own projects on a low budget.

    Doghouse – Chess
    Maddog considers the history of chess as a metaphor on how to grow the desktop Linux user base.

    Present Slide Creator
    The Golang package present may be the key to making attractive slide presentations with less work and hassle.

    This month Graham looks at Lorien, FreeCAD 0.20, CLAP, Gophie, GameShell, Jellyfin, Vita3K, and more!

    Tutorial – Manuskript
    The Manuskript editor is all you need to jump start your next writing project.