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Linux Magazine #267 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #267 - Print Issue

February 2023: Backup

In theory, everyone could use the same backup tool, but the best way to build regular and systematic backups into your life is to find a solution that fits with your own habits and methods. This month, we preview some popular backup apps in the Linux space so you can find one that works for you.

On the DVD: Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon and Kali Linux 2022.4

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BorgBackup and the Vorta graphical front end take the stress out of creating backups.

Graphical Backup Tools
Graphical backup solutions help you protect your data with just a few mouse clicks. We study six popular options.

If you need a cloudless solution for syncing data across multiple devices, Syncthing could be just the thing.

Restic and the Jarg front end appeal to users who want to see quick results without too much overhead.

Distro Walk -- OpenMandriva Lx
Mandrake lives on as OpenMandriva Lx. Bruce talks to OpenMandriva Council members to find out more about this innovative distribution.

The Nala front end for Debian's Apt package manager combines the reliability of the Apt tools with easier-to-read output and speedier downloads.

Natural Language Processing
If an actor's lip movements don't match the spoken text in a dubbed movie, it looks strange and stresses people who are hard of hearing. AI can help solve this problem with lip-sync translations of movie scripts.

Command Line -- KRunner
KRunner combines the command line with graphical navigation, offering speed and comfort for Plasma users.

Programming Snapshot -- Go Password Manager
A Go application for the terminal helps Mike Schilli remember his passwords.

Create lightweight Raspberry Pi scripts with Xonsh, a Python shell that lets you write scripts in Python with Bash commands mixed in.

Garden Irrigation
Build an inexpensive and reliable automatic watering system for your plants.

Doghouse -- Starting Out
Free and open source software can be intimidating at first; a little guidance can help you on your way.

Setting up a server manually on Linux can sometimes test your patience, but with YunoHost you can install and configure your servers with just a few mouse clicks.

Btop++ combines a high level of convenience with blistering speed in system monitoring and process management.

This month Graham looks at Ardour, FluffyChat, PlugData, Cameractrls, hiSHtory, CadQuery Editor, and more!

Tutorial -- Skrooge
Organize your finances with this free accounting program.