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Linux Magazine #268 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #268 - Print Issue

March 2023: Data Poisoning

Think computers don't make mistakes? If you slip some doctored-up training samples into the mix, you can get a fancy machine-learning system to think a dog is a cat or a 1 is an 8 – and you can trigger this bad behavior through a hidden signal no one else will notice.

On the DVD: MX Linux 21.3 and Puppy Linux FossaPup 9.5

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Data Poisoning
Machine learning can be maliciously manipulated – we'll show you how.

Distro Walk – NuTyX
Thierry Nuttens, the developer of NuTyX, shares a behind-the-scenes look at a small Linux distribution.

DWS Remote Control
DWS Remote Control offers convenient browser access to computers outside of your home network.

Firmware in Debian
The Debian project has a new direction on non-free firmware.

Bash Tray
YAD lets you customize your system tray with one-line Bash tray scripts.

Minuimus helps you save disk space by reducing the file size of PDF files.

In the right circumstances, apt-clone can be a simple option for cloning your Debian system.

Programming Snapshot – Go and R
Spotify collects data about its users and their taste in music. Mike decided to investigate.

The unsnap script removes snaps from your computer and replaces them with flatpaks.

LibreOffice Writer Angry Reviewer
The Angry Reviewer style check can be used to evaluate and improve any type of writing, including academic articles and grant applications.

Automatic Fish Feeder
Whether at work or on vacation, every pet lover worries about how to take care of their little roommates. What every aquarium owner needs is an automatic feeder.

Solar Array
A forecast service and some Perl magic help predict the solar power yield of a residential photovoltaic array.

Doghouse – Software Freedom
Restricting uses for FOSS may seem appealing, but it also might not be the solution some imagine.

Do you work with Ubuntu but need to test something on openSUSE? You don't need a second PC or a virtual machine – a single container is quite enough.

The IPTV standard lets you view your favorite channels on Linux.

This month Graham looks at LosslessCut, Webcamoid, Sniffnet, and more!

Tutorial – LDraw and LeoCAD
LDraw and LeoCAD help you become a virtual LEGO architect.