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Linux Magazine #271 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #271 - Print Issue

June 2023: Smart Home

Smart home solutions will save you time and energy – and, did I mention, you can amaze your friends. This month we show you how to take charge of your home environment with smart devices and open source automation software.

On the DVD: SystemRescue 10.0 and Linux Lite 6.4

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    Smart Home Security
    Many IoT devices are so poorly protected against attacks that it is easy for an intruder to slip inside. With the right tools and best practices, you can bar the door.

    Smart Home with Zigbee
    The RaspBee II module turns your Raspberry Pi into a smart control center for Zigbee devices.

    Web Scraping with Bash
    You can use one line of Bash code to scrape a web page and show the data you're tracking in Home Assistant or Node-RED.

    Raspberry Pi Pet Camera
    A Raspberry Pi, a Pi-compatible camera, and a mesh VPN are all you need to watch your pets from afar.

    Tracking Energy Usage
    Want to lower your electric bill? Investigate your favorite household appliances with a consumption meter and a Raspberry Pi.

    Snal Linux
    No other operating system offers as many free tools for system maintenance and data recovery as Linux. Snal Linux combines these tools to create a compact Live distribution.

    Distro Walk – MX Linux
    A look at the user-friendly, vertically integrated community distro.

    Programming Snapshot – Go Map Projections
    While searching for a method to draw geodata right into the terminal, Mike Schilli discovers the wondrous world of map projections.

    Command Line – Detect Hidden Processes
    The unhide forensics tool scans your system for inconsistencies to uncover hidden processes.

    Bludit and GetSimple CMS
    Not everyone needs a conventional database content management system. For beginners and smaller websites, a flat-file CMS offers ease of use, while eliminating attack vectors.

    Introduction to FPGA Design
    Learn what FPGAs are, how they work, and how to design FPGA integrated circuits on Linux.

    Doghouse – Linux Club
    Fostering an after-school Linux Club by encouraging participation.

    If you have an extensive collection of photos, you will hardly want to edit each photo individually. Converseen lets you rotate, scale, and convert a large number of images in a single run.

    Graphical Archiving Tools
    Linux supports a number of easy graphical tools for saving data to compressed archives.

    This month Graham looks at Godot 4, PostRunner, LeanCreator, lurk, Cubic, SuperStarfighter, and more!

    Tutorial – Homegrown RSS Aggregator
    Create the perfect mix of news with an RSS aggregator. Linux supports several open source aggregators, or, if you're looking for the perfect fit, you can even create your own.