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Linux Magazine #278 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #278 - Print Issue

January 2024: Scientific Computing

A crypto mining rig is built for math. Can an old rig find a second life solving science problems? That all depends on the problem. Also this month, we explore a few popular data analysis techniques and stir up some analysis of our own with the R programming language.

On the DVD: Kubuntu Desktop 23.10 and Fedora 39 Workstation

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    Kernel News
    * Avoiding Bloat in the Kernel That Does Everything
    * Particularly Odd Occurrences of Stardust

    Science on a Crypto Rig
    Could a once-impressive Bitcoin mining rig have a second life in scientific computing?

    Data Science Methods
    We tour some important tools for gaining insights from mountains of data.

    R for Science
    The R programming language is a universal tool for data analysis and machine learning.

    Distro Walk – Immutable Distros
    Immutable distributions offer a layer of added security. Bruce explains how immutable systems work and discusses their benefits and drawbacks.

    Recent policy changes at Red Hat have upturned the RHEL clone community. AlmaLinux charts a new path by shifting to binary compatibility and away from being a downstream RHEL build.

    Acoustic Keyloggers
    Is someone listening in on your typing? Learn more about how acoustic keyloggers work.

    Command Line – neofetch
    Display information about your hardware, operating system, and desktop in visually appealing output.

    This data processor for your scripts makes long, complex calculations simple.

    Use your favorite Python libraries on client-side web pages.

    Programming Snapshot – Go CGI Scripting
    Mike Schilli steps on the scale every week and records his weight fluctuations as a time series. To help monitor his progress, he writes a CGI script in Go that stores the data and draws visually appealing charts.

    Teaming NICs
    Combining your network adapters can speed up network performance – but a little more testing could lead to better choices.

    RPi Flight Simulator Interface
    A Raspberry Pi running Linux with a custom I2C card and a small power supply provides an interface for a real-time flight simulator.

    The BCPL procedural structured programming language is fast, reliable, and efficient, offering a wide range of software libraries and system functions.

    Doghouse – What is Fun?
    This month maddog writes about what makes free software fun for him.

    Compressing Files with RAR
    The non-free RAR compression tool offers some benefits you won't find with zip and tar.

    This month Graham looks at osci-render, Spacedrive, internetarchive, LibrePCB 1.0.0, and more!

    Tutorial – Waydroid
    Waydroid brings Android apps to the Linux desktop in a simple and effective way