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Linux Magazine #282 - Print Issue

Linux Magazine #282 - Print Issue

May 2024: D-Bus

The D-Bus architecture creates a powerful channel for applications to communicate. A deeper understanding of D-Bus will help you with troubleshooting. Also, if you know how D-Bus works, you can customize the interaction of audio tools, text editors, and other apps to save time and simplify your life.

On the DVD: Kubuntu 23.10 and Clonezilla Live 3.1.2-9

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    Kernel News
    * Improving Web Browser Security

    D-Bus provides a convenient alternative to using traditional Unix inter-process communications such as pipes and sockets.

    Data Management
    Open source database management systems offer greater flexibility and lower costs while avoiding vendor lock-in. Finding the right one depends on your project's needs.

    Attacking SSH
    Sometimes the only way to break into an SSH server is through brute force – and yes, there are tools for that.

    LibreOffice Calc Pivot Tables
    Pivot tables let you sort, rearrange, group, and perform calculations on your spreadsheet data. We help you get started with this powerful tool.

    Command Line – Tiger
    The revived Tiger provides a comprehensive set of security audit and intrusion detection tools.

    Bash PaLM Shell
    The PalMShell.bash script lets you connect to the Google Pathways API Large Language Model (PaLM) from the command line.

    Programming Snapshot – Go Mail Client
    In this month's column, Mike Schilli writes a special mail client in Go and delves into the depths of the IMAP protocol in order to archive photos from incoming emails.

    Julia on the Pi
    Create GUIs and a web app that connects to sensors.

    The top dogs in the media server space now face some competition from Jellyfin, a relatively young project that impresses with a number of innovations.

    Doghouse – Education
    Non-teachers often underestimate the work of teachers; the profession merits greater support and funding.

    The innovative replacement for the WHOIS protocol provides structured information about Internet domains.

    Use this handy tool to make your scanned PDF files zoomable and searchable.

    This month Graham looks at Firefly Synth, Faircamp, Gnome Web, GPlates, Flowblade, CorsixTH, and more!

    Tutorial – Zint
    Zint converts text, contact data, URLs, WiFi access credentials, and more into easily distributable barcodes or QR codes.