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Cool Linux Hacks, Special Edition #48 - Print Issue

Cool Linux Hacks, Special Edition #48 - Print Issue

This Linux Magazine Special Edition promises you "Cool Linux Hacks," and we'll certainly deliver. This collection of inspirational tricks and shortcuts for Linux geeks will help you tune your Linux system and improve your skills.

Our hacks include ingenious tools, techniques, and shell commands for customizing your desktop, repairing your system, improving privacy, working with code, and more!

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    Desktop Modding
    HACK 1 Create Your Own Gnome Context Menu Entry
    HACK 2 New Service Entries for KDE
    HACK 3 KZones: KDE Plasma Tiling
    HACK 4 Exquisite: Plasma Layout Manager
    HACK 5 Disable Your Lock Screen0
    HACK 6 What Time, What Date?
    HACK 7 Curing the Caps Lock Disease1
    HACK 8 Zoom Everything on Your Screen
    HACK 9 Zoom into the Gnome Desktop
    HACK 10 Use Virtual Desktops, Memorize the Hotkeys

    Security & Privacy
    HACK 11 Check Your Downloads
    HACK 12 Secure Your Notebook
    HACK 13 Strip Metadata from Your Files
    HACK 14 Detect Hidden Processes
    HACK 15 Run Apps in Boxed Mode with Boxxy
    HACK 16 Securely Split Your Files with horcrux
    HACK 17 Age: Master of the Keys
    HACK 18 OpenSnitch Application Firewall
    HACK 19 Parrot OS Desktop Security

    HACK 20 Be Entertained with MythTV 33.1
    HACK 21 Rip Your Audio CDs with Whipper
    HACK 22 Use Ardour, the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
    HACK 23 Manage Your Audio Data Flows with qpwgraph
    HACK 24 Render Music Visualizations with corrscope
    HACK 25 projectM Audio Visualizer Plugin
    HACK 26 AutoEQ Headphone Improver

    Keep It Running
    HACK 27 Replace strace with lurk for Process Analysis
    HACK 28 Automate Your Servers with sake
    HACK 29 Boot any ISO File from USB Stick with Ventoy
    HACK 30 GPU-Viewer: Analyze Your Graphics Card
    HACK 31 Physical or Virtual? How to Detect It
    HACK 32 Check Your SSH Security with ssh-audit
    HACK 33 Use Guider as a Profiler and Monitor
    HACK 34 Try KDE's Plasma System Monitor
    HACK 35 System Monitoring with watch and fswatch

    Images & Videos
    HACK 36 Mass Image Conversion with Converseen
    HACK 37 Use Multi-Threaded FFmpeg 6
    HACK 38 Convert Images with ImageMagick
    HACK 39 Add Watermarks to Your Images
    HACK 40 Generate Images with Stable Diffusion AI
    HACK 41 Edit Your RAW Photos in Darktable
    HACK 42 Quickly Cut Your Videos with LosslessCut

    HACK 43 DNS Tricks: Improve Hostname Resolution
    HACK 44 Watch Network Traffic with ntopng
    HACK 45 Create an SSH Bastion with Warpgate
    HACK 46 Sniffnet: User-Friendly Traffic Monitor
    HACK 47 Call Home with DWS Remote Control
    HACK 48 Wonder Shaper Controls the Bandwidth
    HACK 49 weborf is a Simple HTTP Server
    HACK 50 Use BitTorrent with Transmission

    File Formats
    HACK 51 Mount ISO Images with a Mouse Click
    HACK 52 Get Information about ISO Images
    HACK 53 Look Inside Package Files
    HACK 54 What File Format Is That?
    HACK 55 Chafa Shows Images in the Terminal
    HACK 56 Sioyek: View PDF Files, Use "vi" Shortcuts
    HACK 57 Let's Look at PDF Security Issues
    HACK 58 Kavita: Collection Manager
    HACK 59 Search Office Files with uvgrep

    Working with Code
    HACK 60 Write Code in JupyterLab Notebooks
    HACK 61 Run Code Through Many Compilers
    HACK 62 Create Games with the Godot 4 Engine
    HACK 63 Try the LeanCreator IDE
    HACK 64 Green Coding Initiatives
    HACK 65 markdownlint Checks Your .md Files
    HACK 66 Convert Documents with pandoc 3.1
    HACK 67 lazygit Git Client
    HACK 68 Edit Your Code with Lapce...
    HACK 69 ...or with CudaText Code Editor
    HACK 70 xonsh Combines Python and Bash
    HACK 71 elfcat: Binary Explorer
    HACK 72 GNU poke: Binary Editor
    HACK 73 Bladecoder Adventure Engine: Game Creator

    HACK 74 Luxtorpeda (Steam compatibility tool)
    HACK 75 Starship Olympics
    HACK 76 Qonquest 2, a Risk Clone
    HACK 77 Thorium Nova: Emulate a Starship Bridge
    HACK 78 zelda3 Runs Classic 'The Legend of Zelda'
    HACK 79 FreedroidRPG 1.0 Reinvents Paradroid (C64)
    HACK 80 Tabletop Club: Play Classic Board Games
    HACK 81 3D Driving with Stunt Rally
    HACK 82, the Classic Amiga Game
    HACK 83 Simutrans Will Remind You of SimCity
    HACK 84 Play DOS Games in DOS Emulator

    Shell Hacks
    HACK 85 Improve Shell Performance by Swearing
    HACK 86 Record Your Shell Session
    HACK 87 dict: A Command-Line Dictionary Tool
    HACK 88 Carbonyl: Terminal Browser
    HACK 89 Clipboard: Terminal Copy and Paste
    HACK 90 just: Command Runner
    HACK 91 hiSHtory: History Improvements