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ADMIN #58 - Print Issue

ADMIN #58 - Print Issue

Graph Databases

Discover the strengths of graph databases and how they work, and follow along with a Neo4j example.

On the DVD: Fedora 32 Server (Install Only)

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Graph Database Advantages
Analyze scattered but related data in real time with a graph database.

Graph Databases
Graph databases excel at revealing the relationships among different but related sets of data.

Neo4j Fraud Detector
A Neo4j graph database example shows how to uncover fraudulent reviews on Amazon.

The open source ntopng tool provides deep insights into network traffic and supports troubleshooting when network problems occur.

In a sea of top-like tools, bashtop impresses with an easy-to-use and efficient interface.

This toolkit for automated cluster management takes the complexity out of DRBD management and offers a wide range of functions, including provisioning and snapshots.

Cloud Printing
With the discontinuation of Google Cloud Print, we look at printing going forward in the enterprise.

Intruders slip in when end users get sloppy. Check the health of your endpoint devices with Stethoscope.

DockerSlim minifies your Docker container images up to 30x and adds security, too.

AWS GuardDuty
Use machine learning and threat intelligence to identify malicious activity for continuous security monitoring in the cloud.

HashiCorp Vault
Vault is a highly secure, trusted place to keep your secrets and certificates.

Office 365 Retention Labels
The Office 365 Security & Compliance Center provides a unified interface for managing policies and security settings, including retention labels, which specify how data is handled for compliance with internal policies, data protection laws, and tax legislation.

Pandora FMS
Use the open source Pandora FMS monitoring server to keep an eye on all the computers and network devices in your realm.

Migrating to MS Teams
With the end of Skype for Business Online on the horizon, we look at how to migrate your company, fully or partially, to Microsoft Teams.

DiffServ for QoS
DiffServ service classes provide quality of service on the network for demanding modern applications such as Video over IP.

Performance Tuning Dojo
We look at how to determine the performance of a segment of code.