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ADMIN #59 - Print Issue

ADMIN #59 - Print Issue

Custom MIBs

In this issue, learn how to create a Management Information Base module for hardware and software.

On the DVD: CentOS 8.2.2004 64-bit

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Implementing MIBs
Measured values and status information can be collected and retrieved, messages received, and configurations changed remotely by SNMP, but if you want to do this for your own hardware or software, you need your own Management Information Base module.

Storage Performance
Ceph is powerful and efficient, but wrong settings or faulty hardware can cause the decentralized object store to stumble.

11 Windows Server Tricks
Run Windows servers more effectively, harden them, and improve their performance.

Rescuezilla makes perfect bit-level copies of mass media.

Ad Blockers
We compare seven free ad-blocking filters and look at how they integrate into the network.

Groupware Compared
Three popular packages for simplifying teamwork: Group Office, EGroupware, and Kopano.

Secure networking that relies on open standards like the Border Gateway Protocol.

This terminal tool helps you troubleshoot and manage multiple Docker containers.

VMware's Tanzu
Tanzu comprises several tools and services that make it easy to build, run, and manage a Kubernetes environment from a single point of control.

See exactly what is going on behind the scenes when you run a Kubernetes command.

This nimble proxy server addresses modern container environments, but does it outperform its rival Istio, which has Envoy at its core?

Kibana and Kubernetes
Set up an Elastic Stack quickly and easily with Helm to visualize Kubernetes data.

Administer a small server farm, virtual machines, and the Docker alternative Podman with just a web browser.

SMART Devices
Most storage devices have SMART capability, but can it help you predict failure? We look at ways to take advantage of this built-in monitoring technology with the smartctl utility from the Linux smartmontools package.

Release 2 of Percona Monitoring and Management for open source databases helps reign in inefficient queries and ensure you are making the best use of the available hardware.

Performance Dojo
We show you how to build a compact, single-task device -- if you dare to crack open an old laptop.