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ADMIN #60 - Print Issue

ADMIN #60 - Print Issue

Securing TLS

In this issue, we look at ASP.NET Core, a web development framework that works across OS boundaries.

On the DVD: Ubuntu Server Edition 20.10

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.NET Core on Linux
ASP.NET Core enables the development and operation of dynamic web applications.

Exchange Web Services
EWS is an important interface that lets applications access Exchange content via PowerShell, offering new automation approaches for Exchange services.

Jami Messenger
With clients for all popular distributions, we looked at the reliability of this decentralized messaging app, which promises maximum anonymity for chats, voice calls, and videoconferencing.

k3OS and Flatcar
These container-only distributions make do with an absolute minimum of software, which radically simplifies maintenance.

Calendar Sync
An open source solution to synchronizing appointments between your smartphone and desktop computer.

Collaborative Tools
The collaborative functions in free online office solutions can help users collaborate when editing documents.

VMware vRealize
The vRealize management suite makes hybrid cloud/on-premises setups palatable to customers.

Cloud Hardware
If you want to build scalable clouds, you need the right hardware, but which servers are the right choice as controllers, storage, and compute nodes?

Certificate Transparency
With the need for home offices during the pandemic lockdown, provisional solutions instituted on the fly during the transition from office to home require more permanent solutions, especially for securing TLS connections on the Internet.

Private Docker Registries
A private Docker registry gives you more control over images and protects your Docker Hub credentials.

DNS Filtering with NxFilter
Traditional filtering of HTTP connections protects users from web threats but also increases latency, whereas DNS filters lacked authentication – until NxFilter.

Chef InSpec
This practical tool for automated compliance monitoring has an intuitive, declarative scripting language.

Kopano Groupware
Kopano seeks to be more than a slot-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange. We reveal how you can commission the platform and the highlights it offers.

SSHFS is often overlooked as an HPC shared filesystem solution.

Troubleshooting Kubernetes
The crictl troubleshooting tool and runC container runtime pair up to identify and diagnose issues with Kubernetes Pods and clusters.

Tap into the power of MPI to run distributed Python code on your laptop at scale.

HTML File to Database
A Perl script strips HTML markup, creating text files, and makes each file an entry in a database.