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ADMIN #62 - Print Issue

ADMIN #62 - Print Issue

Lean Web Servers

In this issue, we present a variety of solutions that resolve common web server needs.

On the DVD: Fedora 33 Server (full install)

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Hiawatha Web Server
A lightweight web server with features that distinguish it from heavyweights such as Apache.

HTTP/2 for Nginx
The current representative of the HTTP family offers several advantages for website operators and their users if the protocol is correctly adapted to individual scenarios.

Lighttpd Setup
This long-established web server is lean and fast and can be set up quickly thanks to its simple configuration.

Set up virtual hosts on modern web servers for Apache and Nginx.

Grafana Dashboards
Analytics and visualization dashboards coupled with Prometheus monitoring and alerting tools deliver custom reporting and alerting systems.

Kea DHCP Server
Modern underpinnings for dynamic IP address assignment by DHCP.

SD Load Balancing
We introduce the most important software load balancers, look at their strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations for use scenarios.

Microsoft 365 and Teams Tips
Office 365 and Microsoft Teams come with useful settings for setting up communication channels and securing environments.

OpenEBS for Kubernetes
A cloud-native storage environment that makes block devices available to individual nodes in the Kubernetes cluster.

Podman and systemd
Put any software inside a container under the control of systemd.

Hardening Apache
A smart configuration, timely updates, and careful security strategies can protect servers from attacks.

Attack Surface Reduction
Windows attack surface reduction policies help protect your entire IT infrastructure.

Store FIDO2 Info in LDAP
Secure passwordless login with LDAP and a schema to establish objects and attributes for FIDO2 authentication.

AD Privileged Accounts
Granular protection granted by the Protected Users group in Active Directory and Kerberos authentication policies.

Per-node and per-job resource utilization helps you understand how an application performs on the system through profiling and system monitoring.

Apache Kafka Tuning
A guide to 10x scaling in Kafka with real-world metrics for high throughput, low latency, and cross-geographic data movement.

Rethinking RAID (on Linux)
Configure redundant storage arrays to boost overall data access throughput while maintaining fault tolerance.