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ADMIN #65 - Print Issue

ADMIN #65 - Print Issue

7 Email Clients

The features in this issue tackle digital certificates, email clients, and HP backup strategies.

On the DVD: The Complete ADMIN Archive DVD (every article from the premier issue to #64)

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The ACME protocol facilitates digital certificates for secure TLS communication channels.

Seven Email Clients Tested
We explore seven graphical email clients by investigating ergonomics, security, and extensibility.

High-Performance Backups
A secure backup strategy ensures you can back up and restore your data rapidly and reliably.

Ceph Dashboard
A visual overview of cluster health and baseline maintenance tasks; an alerting function can be added, too.

Characterizing and understanding I/O patterns in the TensorFlow machine learning framework.

QUMBU for SQL Server
Even database administrators with little experience can perform straightforward SQL Server backups and maintenance checks.

Automation with StackStorm
StackStorm is an open source, eventbased platform for runbook automation.

A zero-ops installation of Kubernetes operates on almost no compute capacity and roughly 700MB of RAM.

Multicloud Ansible Rollouts
Remain independent of your cloud provider by automatically rolling out virtual machines and applications with Ansible neutral inventory files.

U-Move for AD
U-Tools Software promises significantly simplified backups and restores of Microsoft's directory service in the event of a disaster, during migrations, and when setting up test environments.

Azure AD App Proxy
Support flexible working environments with Remote Desktop Services and Azure AD Application Proxy.

PowerShell for Microsoft 365
Manage the various components of Microsoft 365 with PowerShell scripts that use modules culled from various Microsoft products.

Network Routing with FRR
The FRR open routing stack can be integrated into many networks because it supports a large number of routing protocols, though its strong dependence on the underlying kernel means it requires some manual configuration.

Performance Tuning Dojo
A cloud speed test pits Linux distributions against one another.