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ADMIN #68 - Print Issue

ADMIN #68 - Print Issue

Automation in the enterprise extends to remote maintenance, cloud orchestration, and network hardware.

On the DVD: AlmaLinux 8.5 64-bit minimal

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    Support remote maintenance and automation locally through a tunnel, in the cloud, and from your home office.

    Cloud Automation Tools
    Automation in the cloud does not require expensive new acquisitions when orchestration tools already in use can automate management and orchestrate cloud workloads.

    Configuring Complex Environments
    Get started with YAML and the YAML parser yq.

    Automating Network Hardware
    We show you how to automate network devices in three ways.

    Program from one source to many operating system platforms.

    Linux Servers for SMBs
    Specialized Linux distros for SMBs promise economical and easy management of server applications and entire IT infrastructures: ClearOS, NethServer, Zentyal, and Univention Corporate Server.

    This open source distributed, parallel filesystem scales to HPC environments.

    Keep your test-driven development and testing environments pristine with Footloose containers that look like VMs.

    Federated Kubernetes
    When hardware is at full capacity, KubeFed takes the pain out of adding clusters.

    VoIP High Availability
    Maximize telephony uptime by clustering Asterisk or FreeSWITCH PBXs together.

    Package applications that are otherwise missing from distribution package sources.

    IAM Security Misconfigurations
    Detect, correct, and avoid three IAM security holes.

    This load test tool assesses the resilience of your infrastructure to help you determine whether it can withstand a flood of requests.

    Secure DNS queries and DNS filtering on corporate networks.

    Cisco ISE
    The Identity Services Engine offers a scalable approach to network access control for a variety of devices.

    An in-depth look at the Kubernetes package manager.

    What Is IOPS?
    We discuss and explain what an IOPS is and how to measure it.

    PowerShell Crescendo
    Convert Linux shell commands into PowerShell cmdlets and modules.