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ADMIN #77 - Print Issue

ADMIN #77 - Print Issue

Secure CI/CD Pipelines

Best practices for better DevOps security. DevSecOps blends security into every step of the software development cycle.

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    Secure CI/CD Pipelines
    We investigate best practices to secure CI/CD pipelines with DevSecOps.

    Interconnect virtual networks with unique identities over a common physical network for more flexibility and scalability.

    Azure Arc
    This cloud service offers centralized management of services hosted in traditional data centers or arbitrary services hosted in other clouds.

    Innovations in Ceph
    Ceph and its core component RADOS have recently undergone a number of technical and organizational changes. We take a closer look at the benefits that the move to containers, the new setup, and other feature improvements offer.

    Docker Desktop Local Cluster
    The built-in single-node Kubernetes cluster included with Docker Desktop is a handy tool for testing your container.

    Fluentd and Fluent Bit
    Unify data collection and consumption to make sense of logging data in complex and distributed systems.

    Zing Bash Script
    Implement the zero-packet Ping utility, Zing, as a Bash shell script.

    Cloudflare Tunnel
    This powerful software provides secure and seamless access to servers and applications, making it a convenient alternative to VPN for any modern IT infrastructure.

    Sustainable Kubernetes
    Measure, predict, and optimize the carbon footprint of your containerized workloads.

    Shuffle SOAR
    The concept of security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) is increasingly important in IT security to counter ever-growing threats. Shuffle lets you to define automated workflows that boost infrastructure security.

    Ansible Container Management
    The Ansible automation tool not only controls virtual machines in cloud environments, it manages containerized setups simply and easily.

    OpenNMS Horizon and Flows
    Collect and visualize flows to discover which network devices are communicating with each other and the volume of data being transferred.

    MikroTik Routers
    Most routers provided by ISPs are built cheaply, come with low-quality firmware, and are insufficient even for basic tasks. MikroTik manufactures a line of affordable routers for those in need of professional network gear.

    Drop this lightweight, performant, and seasoned solution into old running servers or bake it into new servers for full monitoring and proactive healing.

    Performance Dojo
    We test the performance of an open source RISC-V CPU.