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ADMIN #78 - Print Issue

ADMIN #78 - Print Issue

Domain-Driven Design

Business experts and developers collaborate to define domain models and business patterns that guide software development.

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    Introduction to DDD
    Domain-driven design comprises principles for team-driven software development, from the design of entire software landscapes to the design of domain models, patterns, and code.

    DDD and Agility
    Central components of agility come into play with domain-driven design, which is oriented on business values, a deep understanding of the domain model, and information exchange by business experts and developers.

    Domain-Driven Transformation
    Bring out the hidden business treasure in legacy systems by identifying the parts of the source code that contain valuable business knowledge and refurbishing it in increments while mitigating risk.

    Manage AD with PyAD
    Delegate tedious routine tasks when automating Active Directory configuration and management to Python scripts with the PyAD library.

    Apache ShardingSphere
    Extend databases by adding a modular abstraction layer to support horizontal sharding and scalability.

    Shared and Tiered Storage
    The storage of job output for clusters requires an understanding of resource managers and a discussion of where data "should" or "could" go.

    Microsoft Power Apps
    If the IT staff is having trouble keeping up with the demand for custom applications, end users can pitch in with low-code programming tools.

    Transfer serverless workloads to Kubernetes, with all the container components you need to build serverless applications and PaaS and FaaS services.

    Dockerize a Legacy App
    When you are ready to convert your legacy application to a containerized environment, Docker offers the tools for a smooth and efficient transition.

    Encrypt defined links with high performance and secure Layer 2 protocols between client and switch or between two switches.

    Visual Studio Code Server
    You can gain a significant advantage for remote development by connecting to remote machines through secure tunnels, without the need for SSH.

    A powerful query language monitors and queries your IT infrastructure, combining and extending the functionality of GRR Rapid Response and OSQuery when seeking clues to cyberattacks and indicators of compromise.

    Event-Driven Ansible
    A powerful rules engine and a modular, open concept enable automation of target systems without the need for an agent.

    Monitoring Servers and Services
    Keep track of internal and external servers and services with black box monitoring by Monitoror, Vigil, and Statping-ng.

    Updating Azure VMs
    A number of methods allow you to keep the operating system of an Azure VM up to date, including the new Azure Update Management Center.

    The best features of tools like Grep, Ack, and Silver Searcher are combined when it comes to the use of search patterns in a terminal window.