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MakerSpace #01 - Print Issue

MakerSpace #01 - Print Issue

Welcome to the premier issue of MakerSpace!

MakerSpace is not your ordinary computer magazine. This special edition focuses on technology you can use to build your own stuff. Our goal is to help you turn your ideas into reality with hands-on projects for makers.

On the DVD: The Complete Raspberry Pi Geek Archive. This special DVD Includes every article from Raspberry Pi Geek (published from 2014-2017), as well as two Raspberry Pi-focused Linux Magazine Special Editions.

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Print Issue Special Edition


WS2812 LEDs
Control a matrix of WS2812 LEDs with the Raspberry Pi.

Lunchbox Portable Pi
A lunchbox-style portable Raspberry Pi computer provides external control for a steampunk robotic skull.

Christmas Tinkering
Make your own Christmas music box with a microcontroller, servomotor, NeoPixel LED ring, and mini-MP3 player.

Escape Room Puzzle
A digital puzzle presents a challenge for young people in an escape room.

ioBroker + Rasp Pi
Control home automation devices from various manufacturers with a single interface by combining free software and a Raspberry Pi.

Kitchen Timer
A simple kitchen helper with two timers assists budding chefs in coping with dishes that are unlikely to be ready at the same time.

Instrumented Garden
Place long-range wireless sensors in a garden and keep track of ambient conditions with gauges and time-based graphs.

The CircuitPython run-time environment runs on almost all microcomputers and microcontrollers, making it perfect for cross-platform programming.

Control a headless Raspberry Pi from your smartphone.

Pi Zero USB Gadget
Turn a Pi Zero into a universal USB flash drive that emulates storage, a serial port, Ethernet, and more.

Serial Communications
We explore serial communications, from the electrical specs to protocols and libraries and provide an example of serial communication with an Arduino.

Linux from Scratch on a Pi
The detLFS project helps you compile Linux from source code – either to explore the system or to prepare for a project with special requirements.

Bring back old games from more than 50 classic game consoles.

Lakka Linux comes with everything you need to play retro games – and you can even install games directly in the user interface. All you need is a Raspberry Pi and, ideally, a simple gamepad.

FPGA Home Computers
If you're not satisfied with your current operating system, you can update to a new release or switch to a different distro. Imagine if you could do the same with your hardware, at zero cost. It turns out that you can, thanks to FPGA chips, which have become popular in the retro-gaming community.

MEGA65 Home Computer
The MEGA65, an FPGA-based C65 clone, promises to become a modern successor to the Commodore C64, one of the most successful machines of the 8-bit home computer era.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next
Back in the '80s, the Zilog Z80 was a powerful processor, and the home computers of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum series made good use of it. Today it can be hard to find a Speccy in good condition, but a specialized FPGA computer saves the day: We present the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next.