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Network Ninja: Keeping your network in shape is not hard... if you have the right tools. We show you how to get started and provide you with some Free and Open apps to manage servers, websites, and traffic.

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Ubuntu User #26 - Digital Issue

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Editorial: The Near Impossible Very Difficult Task of Free Software Techno-Journo-Marketing

Optimizing your Network
In an age of perpetually interconnected devices, keeping your network and its services safe and running smoothly is a high priority whether youÕre an admin or an end-user.

Web Page Load Time
Web page loading time relies on a complex interplay among the web server, the web page, and the web browser. Learning a few tricks can help speed up load times for the pages you create.

Anonymous Surfing
Users who need anonymity while surfing the web should consider the Tor browser suite.

Weak Points in your Intranet
Finding weak points and problematic configurations in an intranet typically takes a lot effort. Thanks to careful integration into Kali Linux, the OpenVAS and Nmap tools can be genuinely helpful.

Performance Tuning for Web Servers
The continued rapid growth of the Internet is placing everincreasing demands on web servers. Does the venerable Apache HTTP server have what it takes to keep up?

Run your own Scripts
Many Linux beginners stumble over the fact that you need to precede any calls to your own scripts or programs with a ./ combination. WhatÕs up with these dot-slashes?

Game Development Environments
GDevelop, Godot, and jMonkeyEngine simplify game programming with libraries, game engines, and developer tools. Both beginners and advanced programmers can create nifty games with minimal effort.

iPython Notebook
The iPython Notebook environment offers much more than just the interactive execution of Python instructions. iPython Notebook lets you seamlessly integrate documents, programs, and tools.

System V vs Systemd
init and systemd both start, monitor, and shut down services on Linux, but they are otherwise completely different beasts.

Differences in PDF Documents
If you donÕt have the right tools, comparing PDF documents for differences can be very cumbersome. We discuss five nifty tools that can help with this task.

Publishing Books
In the past, publishing a book meant sending it to a publishing house. With AmazonÕs CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, you can now publish on your own. This article will guide you through the process.

New Ardour 4
We take a look at some of the new features available in the digital audio workstation, Ardour 4.

Safe Thumbdrives
USB sticks and external hard drives can easily be lost or stolen. You should therefore protect these storage media against loss and misuse. USBCryptFormat lets you safeguard your data without much effort.

Vivaldi Web Browser
Opera changed course with version 15, giving up its status as independent software and dropping many of its features. Vivaldi seeks to offer a new home to fans of the old Opera.

Xfce 4.12
Xfce 4.12 has been under development for almost three years and is now ready to take over from Xfce 4.10. We look at improvements in version 4.12 and what the long release cycles mean for users.

Discovery Guide

Installing Ubuntu 15.04
We'll walk you through upgrading or installing the latest Ubuntu release.

Network and Updates
Use the NetworkManager to access your WiFi and download updates.

Package Management
Ubuntu's Software Center lets you install just about anything.

You can configure your Ubuntu system to support movies, music, and Internet telephony. We present some favorite multimedia apps.

Virtual Windows on Linux
We show you how to use VirtualBox to set up a Windows XP virtual machine on your existing Linux system.

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