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Issue #195: Network Storage Distros – Who needs an expensive appliance?

This month we show you how to set up a network-attached storage system with a Raspberry Pi and explore the latest release of KDE’s Plasma Desktop.

On the DVD: openSUSE Leap 42.2 (64-bit Install) and Fedora 25 Workstation (64-bit Live)

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Linux Pro Magazine #195 - Print Issue

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* Spam-Detecting Neural Network – Create a homebuilt neural network using Google’s TensorFlow library, and train it to look for spammers.
* Image Recognition – The Perlmeister extracts action sequences from surveillance videos using the OpenCV image recognition tool.
* LinuxVoice – We look at the innovative GoboLinux and a study of Linux auditing tools.

* Biggest kernel release ever
* New releases: CentOS 7, openSUSE Leap 42.2, Fedora 25
* Say it ain't so! Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation
* More online

Kernel News

Cgroups xatter security
* Reading from the ring buffer
* Encrypting the running kernel
* Migrating processes between cgroups

Interview – Meet SUSE CEO Nils Brauckmann
Looking back at 25 years of Linux and SUSE and forward toward the brave new world of containers and the cloud.

A Raspberry Pi and the OpenMediaVault Linux distro are a compact alternative to heavy and costly network-attached storage.

Rockstor on NAS
Rockstor Linux turns a microserver into a fully functional NAS.

Linux Lite
This lean Linux distribution competes for the favor of users with older hardware, with some interesting options for achieving simplicity with full functionality.

Plasma 5.8
KDE is steering the Plasma 5.8 desktop into calmer waters through long-term support, while the developers continue to extend and perfect.

TruPax 9
Protect your data with this easy desktop encryption tool.

Spam-Detecting Neural Network
Use the Google TensorFlow learning library to build a neural network that uncovers spam websites.

Ask Klaus!
Android USB backup.

This handy free tool lets you add an individual touch to invitations or cards.

Charly’s Column – httpstat
Use this special stopwatch to discover how long web servers take to serve up a static or dynamic HTML page.

Perl – Video Preview
OpenCV image recognition software automatically extracts the most exciting action sequences from surveillance video.

Command Line – Lynis
Run a periodic security audit to help you spot unexpected changes and possible weak points.

Linux Voice

Welcome Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: 2016 has been very strange.

Has Microsoft Surrendered To Open Source?
This sudden love affair boils down to their Azure cloud product.

Linux Foundation eunt domus!
Who will represent Linux now?

Doghouse – Beyond Politics
It takes a village to prepare citizens for the jobs begging to be filled in modern economies.

Re-thinking the Filesystem
GoboLinux throws out the old Unix filesystem hierarchy in favor of something more modern.

FAQ – Next-Generation Firewall
Nftables promises to be the future of Linux firewalls.

Core Tech – Audit Your Linux
Look for intruders and study the health of your system.

Darktable 2.2.0, Cool-Retro-Term 1.0.0, WordGrinder 0.6-1, KDE Connect, and more.

Gaming on Linux
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Transport Fever, Total War: Warhammer.

Tutorials – Digital Self-Defense
Intrusion protection: a second line of defense.

Tutorials – Nextcloud
All the benefits of cloud storage and calendars without the spying.

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